Sunday Sessions | Three Indulgent Bath Treats.

I had a huge pamper session yesterday ; the husband was away for the weekend, I had caught flu earlier in the week so I needed a bit of *me* time to unwind and rejuvenate that involved face masks, baths, scrubs, lotions, potions, candles and a dose of Magic Mike XXL. (oscar-worthy FYI) I love a nice soak one in a while, usually I don’t have time for this indulgent pastime but it’s so good when you can get the chance., and first on the agenda is filling up the tub with something that will smell glorious. It really can uplift your mood and senses! 

I have quite an arsenal of bath soaks, oils, bubbles and powders surrounding my bath and I almost use them like a library depending on how I am feeling and what I need at the time. I think winter yearns for comfort and nourishment and here are a few of my current must-haves:


I am huge girl fan of Aromatherapy Associates. One brand that I will constantly buy into time and time again and these bath & shower oils are simply THE BEST on the market. They do what they say on the bottle and they are absolutely worth the splurge.  When you are feeling run-down the ‘Support Equlibrium’ is just a pure hug in a bottle which soothes and calms your mind and body, calms anxiety and makes your whole bathroom and house smell like a beautiful spa. A great bath oil for the winter months and key motes include Geranium, Rose & Frankincense. They cost £45 but you get 20 uses out of the bottle.


One of the most infamous luxury bath soaks and this fragrance is one of the newer ones from the last few years…..and the best! I find the original ones ; Almond Coconut & in particular the Creme Brulee wayyyy too sickly sweet for my taste, but the Ambre Vanilla still has that sweetness but also a touch of musk which tones it down a bit. It is ultimate luxury in it’s heavy glass tub and you get a little wooden ‘honey dipper’ which allows for easier swirling into your bath without wasting too much product. Aside from the heavenly fragrance, it also contains shea butter, vanilla extracts, sweet almond proteins & pro-vitamin B5 which all aid the hydration and conditoning of the skin. A great gift.


A great bargain buy if you like the sweetness of the Laura Mercier kinda vibe but not the price. This is a really creamy, foamy bubble bath and it leaves my skin really nice and soft but it’s all about the gorgeous creamy sweet smell. The main fragrance is vanilla & coconut but it also contains shea butter & sweet almond oil to soften and condition the skin. You can’t go wrong with this, it’s currently just £2.29 at Superdrug and aside from smelling sumptious, it doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens or mineral oils.

What are your favourite bubble baths or oils?