A Berry Lip for All : Kevyn Aucoin Bloodroses.

It’s kind of your winter staple lip ; a berry. It can be a little daunting to wear something like this if you are used to much more than a slick of gloss on your lips but it really is worth a try, and you may be surprised by the look it gives you. You can get so many different hues and tones of berry which can make it a struggle to find *the one* for you but I am going to make it easy ; KEVYN AUCOIN BLOODROSES.

Bloodroses is a gorgeous (& the signature) lip colour from Kevyn Aucoin. It started off with just one lipstick (the one I am wearing), and as it was so popular they brought it out in a matte lipstick, a lipliner, a lipgloss, a limited edition nail colour which they need to being back and more recently a lip satin (like a liquid lippie) ; the Bloodroses FAM is staying strong! 

Bloodroses is a deep berry red in colour, with the lipliner and matte lipstick having a slightly more darker and purple hue and is for those of you who want a  really bold and striking colour. If you like a more subtle tone then the Expert Lip Colour on it’s own is a classic berry or the super sheer Lipgloss will suit most. I have used the lipliner all over my lips here to get a really bold & long-wearing colour followed by the Expert Lip Colour over the top.


1.) Match your makeup to your lip. If you want to go really dark, then pair back the rest of the makeup ; an ultra dark lip looks great with clean skin, a nice groomed brow and a slick of mascara. If you want a more subtle berry stain, then add blush that has the same undertones (cool/warm) and you can pair it with a smokey eye.

2.) A matte lipstick doesn’t mean you have to wear it that dark. Try patting it on with fingertips from the bullet so get that slightly lived in and fuss-free berry stain ; you can pretty much get the depth you want. 

3.) Exfoliate and hydrate the lips before you wear darker shades. No one likes a dry, claggy lip and it will be more apparent when you wear a bold colour.

4.)  Make sure your skin is beautifully concealed and flawless. A red-toned lip with redness on the skin doesn’t look too good.

5.) Conceal around the lip area if you are going for that ultra bold look ; it will make the colour pop a lot more and look a lot sharper and cleaner.