Sensitivity & Redness | 6 Products you need in your life.

Problems with skincare and makeup sue to a really sensitive and reactive skin? Constant redness and soreness due to the seasonal weather changes? Had a reaction to something and need to get rid of the reaction? Sensitive skin/ reactions can be for many reasons ; genetics, skin disorders (such as eczema, rosacea etc), injured skin and even overly dry skin can all cause problems both short and longterm. To make life a little easier and stress-free then it can be good to pinpoint the cause of the sensitivity and also topical products that can help your skin ; everyone is different!

I don’t generally suffer from a sensitive skin but there are times in the year when I need something to calm my skin and make it feel comfortable….pretty much now when the weather turns and it gets colder. I think that is the same with most people at the moment, you just need to give it a little bit more love and ease it into winter! There have occasional times when I’ve had reactions to skincare and needed to instantly cool and save my skin, and I am often asked by clients and models to use skincare/makeup that is more natural or for sensitive skin therefore I have used quite a few different products over the years. These are my hero products.

Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser.

A really lovely lightweight non-foaming cream cleanser which works to clean the skin whilst strengthening the skin barrier. This can be used with or without water and I find just swiping it off with a warm face cloth does the trick without any hassle. A great makeup kit product too as you can do a really thorough cleanse on your client without being near a sink, just a handful of cotton pads and you can do a really thorough yet gentle cleanse/makeup removal. Can be used on the face and eyes and leaves the skin comfortable, never tight.

Jurlique Calendula Cream. 

The product I got recommended to carry in my kit when I first started out as a makeup artist and I have used this for years and never fails to deliver. An ultra-soothing and comforting cream that has a beautiful rich texture but no greasy residue. Absolutely brimming with plant oils, essential fatty acids & flower extracts. An absolute must-have cream for winter, chapped skin, cold weather, skiing etc. PS I have the old formula/ tube still ; this is now called the Calendula Redness Rescue soothing moisturiser.

Darphin Intral Soothing Cream.
Maybe one of the most well-know face creams for sensitive skins. Pampering, soothing and it just works. Like the Jurlique, this is one I have used and relied on for many years on my makeup clients and models and they love it. 75% of the ingredients are from natural origin and Bisabolol (from Chamomile) is the main thang that helps with the anti-irritation side of things. Another big tick from me is the handy 50ml tube as it’s a good travel companion and yeah…..I am a bit of a sucker for pretty pink packaging. soz.

Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmine & Lily healing emulsion. 

A newer addition to the arsenal but has been recommended this by a really great makeup artist as a product to immediately soothe and reduce redness on any skin. Perfect for using in fashion week or on models who have over-cleansed and over-make’upped skin and are feeling the pain of this. This healing emulsion uses a blend of therapeutic botanicals based on chinese medicine. It’s high price-tag is justified by the supreme quality of ingredients and not only does this reduce redness and reinforces the skin’s natural defence system, but it also stimulates cell renewal, eliminates toxins, provides antioxidants and brightens the skin. Can also be used for menopausal skin/flushing, rosacea and radiation treatments. Chantecaille is one of the ONLY makeup brands who do really great skincare.

Antipodes mineral foundation

My favourite mineral foundation and it’s organic with no chemicals or typically *reactive* elements. Feels almost creamy on the skin and gives the most wonderful satin finish on the face with an easily buildable coverage. Absolutely does NOT look like there is powder on the skin which is what I love about this foundation. Full review here.

MaxFactor Colour Corrector stick.

This is an instant, quick and easy remedy for redness on the skin. They do a few different shades but I find the green tint the most effective for high redness on the skin. Obviously an instant & short-term solution so try and spend your money on skincare to help culmatively and longterm but this is certainly handy for unsightly flare-ups. I like to use this before foundation to create an even canvas.


Do you have a sensitive skin and have you tried any of these products yet? Fortunately there now seems to be so much more to choose from for anti-redness/calming that anyone can find something to help within any budget. Let me know your favourites.