YSL Fragrance Love | Parisienne Eau de Parfum

YSL don’t just make Touche Eclat. If you look beyond this cult highlighting product (breaking news; it’s NOT a concealer) they do some great other makeup, skincare and fragrances.  I think the original Paris fragrance was one of the first main and ‘proper’ fragrances that I wore in my teens and Opium is a cult classic.

I find fragrance such an important part of the beauty and getting-ready routine. It can be mood-enhancing, nostalgic and memory-evoking hence why many people, including myself have such a big range of scents to wear depending on the mood, season and occasion. Even to this day I can spray something like the YSL Paris (original) and it will take me back to to a sweaty club back in Bath with my thin brows, spotty face and my first pair of knee high boots. Some memories are better best forgotten and I have left that particular fragrance back in the past with my Rachel-from-friends-hairstyle but fortunately YSL are continually updating and creating new scents and I have a new love.

Hello to the YSL Parisienne Eau De Parfum. I am obssessed with this smell, not only because it is long wearing and is a heady and strong smell, but because it’s has a perfect balance of woody and floral notes. I can’t stand the fruity, really sweet fragrances!

Top notes include cranberry & blackberry which adds crisp freshness, middle/heart notes of damask rose, violet and peony to add a subtle floral touch and then smooth and rich base notes including vetiver, patchouli, musk and sandalwood. Those base notes really give it the edge for me and it’s a fragrance I do like to wear all year round, whereas a lot of my go-to’s are either summer or winter scents. This just seems to work for all occasions.

YSL fragrances don’t come cheap but one of the best places to buy over here in the UK is Fragrance Direct as the prices here are always lower than the high street/ department stores. This is currently nearly £10 off the current shop price too.

What is your nostalgic fragrance that takes you straight back to your teens or forgotten times?!