The new thing | Erborian Pink Perfect Creme.

If you were ever to be sold a product just by how is sounds and looks then this *could* be it. It’s a pink cream, in a pink tube, in a pretty pink box. It’s pink. PINK! OK let’s get past that (I’m talking to myself), this is the latest launch from Korean skincare range Erborian and it is described as a 4-in-1 primer and wonder balm that preps your skin perfectly for makeup. Say hello to the Erborian Pink Perfect creme..

This pink-hued cream can be used alone on the face simply to smooth and ‘perk up’ lacklustre skin or as intended, as a primer underneath your makeup. The 4-in-1 benefits include:

* Providing an instant blur and soft-focus finish to the skin

* Minimise the appearance of pores

* Enhances the skintone and brightens with a pearly pink glow

* Prepare your skin for makeup application and help it stay on the skin

Not only does this have the instant smoothing effect on your skin, but it contains some skin-loving ingredients to keep the skin supple and toned. Pumpkin seed oil helps to regulate sebum production, horsetail extract helps to improve the skin’s quality, camellia oil helps to regenerate the skin and enhance cellular protection. Lastly, key ingredient kaki leaves helps to tone and tighten pores.

I have a few similar primer-type products like this and I really find that they work and help everything stay on my face. I find these kind of smoothing skin creams are really beneficial on an oily/combination skintype. If you have ever used the Benefit Porefessional, then this has a similar finish and effect to that..just infused with more ingredients to benefit the skin.

What does the whole pink thing have to do with it? Well I would say it’s maybe to add a touch of brightness to the skin. It doesn’t have a heavy pink pigment at all, in fact you can use this on any skin tone, but pink does brighten and give radiance to lacklustre skin. As you get older you lose pink pigment in your skin and the colour becomes more sallow, so infusing your skin with a bit of pink re-ignites that youthful, fresh glow.

The Erborian pink perfect creme is available now, priced at £36 and you can purchase this beauty online or at Selfridges.