Makeup Crush Monday #22 | Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner.

When on Honeymoon, I stopped off in EVERY Sephora that I passed, and spent so much time in there perusing, dreaming, swatching and becoming accustomed to lots of brands and products that we don’t have access to here in the U.K, one of them being Kat Von D. I’ll be brutally honest ; I just assumed this brand would be a bit cliche , overpriced and riding on all the millions of followers that Kat Von D has on her Instagram. It’s really not. The quality of products is REALLY good, and I really can’t complain about the performance of the things that I have tried….I picked up quite a good selection from this range in the end and will show you more when I get round (finally!) to putting up my Sephora & U.S beauty haul post. >> IT’S HERE!

Top of the list from my Kat Von D shopping fest is this Tattoo Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown. I just love it so much I have just got another two en route courtesy of my friend who’s just been in America on holiday. I was actually looking for a perfect brow ink, and Kat Von D does do brow inks but actually the colour of this brown is deeper than the actual brow one and I prefer the finish of this over the brow ink. So this I actually use on my brows and it is the BEST one I have ever used. I have used it every day since I purchased it. I do wear it as eyeliner also but as it’s so perfect for my brows I try to just use it for that otherwise it will be running out very soon.

The nib is very thin and precise and I can get perfect individual faux brow hairs with it. It’s really easy to achieve a perfect feline flick if you are using it as a typical liquid eyeliner. You can easily get it close to the upper lashline so can create a really natural look or very dramatic depending on your taste. I think next time I do a Sephora order, I will get the black one also as it’s just a great liner to have. Once applied it stays on/put all day long as it is a waterproof formula. Particulary in the summer, I cannot have any products on my brows that may sweat or melt off as I don’t really want to be left browless at a pool party. The Horror.

In the above pics I’m wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony, the Mad Max Brown Kat Von D eyeliner over the top to create little brow hairs and a swish of Eyeko brow gel to keep everything in place. I’m loving the look of a more ‘real’ and fluffy brow with texture at the moment, not a fan of the super thick ‘instagram’ brow anymore

The Mad Max Brown Tattoo Eyeliner is available from Sephora and they do ship to the U.K now too. Priced at $19 which is around £12.30 so for me a really reasonable price for something I think is unbeatable.

Have you tried anything from the Kat Von D range yet?