Makeup Crush Monday #21 | Bareminerals Bareskin foundation.

I haven’t used any foundation from Bareminerals for so long, since the loose powder mineral foundation I think, so was really excited to try the Bareskin foundation from them. It’s kind of known that I’m not the biggest fan of any powder foundations, so was already feeling this serum foundation before I had tried it. The blurb sold it to me with words such as brightening, bare and seamless.

It is a mineral foundation AND skincare serum in one. This is nothing new, as over the
last couple of years, quite a few brands have been launching these ‘treatment foundation’ but I really like them and I think that anything that sits on large areas of your face shouldn’t just make you look pretty…..if they also brighten and infuse the skin with vitamins like this one from Bareminerals, then it’s a thumbs-up from me. 


Very fluid and lightweight. This is almost watery in texture so I would always advise to apply with a brush, a buffing one is ideal. Make sure to give it a good shake to mix the pigment and serum before you apply. As always I use my favourite Crownbrush C472 to apply but I know Bareminerals do a really innovative brush to go hand-in-hand with this foundation but it is often sold out. The coverage is light-medium and build-able depending on how you are applying. I find it nice and smoothing on my skin and leaves a lovely glow.

 Longevity & Wear

On my skin, it lasts just a few hours before needing a blot down. If I was wearing it all
day, I think I would re-buff some it into my skin and freshen it up for it to last into the night. This is renowned for being a very dewy foundation so be prepared for the glow ; I was and that’s how I worked with it and grew to love it but you WILL need to de-shine this quite a bit of you are oily. I am quite ok with having to touch up my face during the day, however if you want to put your slap on at 7am and not look at it until 7pm, then I would suggest opting for the original mineral foundation instead.

Who’s it for?

All can wear this and get a beautiful finish but if you are oily/combination then you will need to set this with powder in the t-zone for sure. It’s a very dewy finish foundation so an ideal candidate would be normal-dry & mature. Now I am oily but I still tend to go for these very glowy-look foundation as I just love the finish it gives.The Bareskin foundation also comes in a wondrous 20 shades so there IS a colour for everyone .

What is your favourite Bareminerals foundation? Psssss they are bringing out a ‘Blemish Remedy’ foundation very soon…watch this space.