Antipodes Worship serum.

The Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum is the latest wonder-product from Organic and glorious skincare range Antipodes and it’s up there with the rest of the products I have tried from them. I have fallen in love with literally everything from this skincare range : It’s full of good stuff, is still active/anti-ageing, all smells (naturally) yummy, this brand have integrity and it just WORKS on my skin.

If you are unfamiliar with this skincare brand it is from New Zealand and it uses home-grown botanical and natural ingredients that target a huge variety of skin solutions from the teen skin to mature.


What is it?

A lovely lightweight and fruity smelling superfruit antioxidant serum. The colour and fragrance is all natural which kind of shows you how much goodness is in it ; you can literally smell and see the ingredients. It’s dark brown colour is all the fruit extracts such as raspberry water, blackcurrant, acai & coffee berry. Don’t worry it doesn’t and won’t leave any trace of colour on the skin so don’t worry!

It’s an antioxidant serum ; so it’s all about strengthening and protecting your skin cells from free radical damage/ ageing. A daily feed and shot of nourishment for the skin.

It’s a water-based serum, so the texture is super light and it absorbs into the skin in a flash. You will love this if you are combination/oily as it won’t leave any residue on the skin and layering it under a moisturiser /makeup won’t be a problem and you don’t get the dreaded ‘rolls’ when you put on your foundation – what makes serums even DO THAT?!

What’s in it? 

All the glorious and strong antioxidant fruits/extracts including Vinanza Oxifend Plus, boysenberry,
blackcurrant, kiwifruit, Vinanza Grape, coffee berry, açaí and the essential fatty acid alpha lipoic acid.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who likes a lightweight, anti-ageing, organic shot of goodness in their skincare regime. 20years + I would say. Combination, oily and normal skin will absolutely love this and if you are yet to add any *anti-ageing* into your skincare routine then this serum is the perfect starter. Very dry and dehydrated skin will probably be better off with the Hosanna Skin-Plumping serum or just use this in combination with the Divine Face Oil which is what I am currently doing. I like Worship as my daytime protective serum and something a little richer and more nourishing for the PM.

Have you tried antipodes yet? I am still loving their Vanilla pod day cream, the divine oil and the Rejoice light moisturiser is always in my kit.