New Favourite | Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

This has been out for a few years now and has already done the round on the blogs way back when but I have ONLY just got round to trying it properly. SO 2000-and late yah. It’s actually the first product I have tried from the range and it’s sucked me in good and proper. The Renaissance cleansing gel is for all skin types including dry / oily / combination and dull skins, and promises to brighten and illuminate the skin, alongside makeup removal, cleansing and balancing.

First up, I was expecting a gel, like just a gel cleanser…that maybe lightly foamed and that you would use as your light AM shower cleanse. But no, THIS little pinky-hued gel is actually quite thick in texture, abit jelly-like, AND contains oil so it can be used as your PM makeup-removing cleanser as well as the AM. It smells absolutely glorious and rosey which kind of reflects the colour of the balm/gel and I’m already a renaissance cleansing gel junkie after just 1 week. Key ingredients include vitamins A, C & E , pumpkin enzymes, starflower oil & Oskia’s signature wonder ingredient, MSM (mineral sulphur).

How to use:

I always like something light & foamy in the AM so this for me is my PM cleanse. I massage it all over my dry face (& eyes) so it melts into the skin and then I let it work for a minute or so ; when I say ‘work’, this contains pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate so I like to get the benefit of that. I then add warm water allow the product to emulsify / go milky and then I get my trusty Emma Hardie cloth to sweep the excess product & grime off. My skin is left makeup free, feeling super clean and also nourished at the same time. I know a few people with dry skin just splash this off with water as opposed to ‘cloth’ it off as it leaves a touch more hydration on the skin.

Another huge plus point for me is the packaging ; sleek, attractive, simple and a PUMP. Love a pump on my cleansers, it just saves so much time, is more hygienic and just gives me those good pumpey-vibezzz.

Do you need it?

If you find normal oil-based cleansers and creams too rich on your skin and don’t like that really oily feel then you may like this as a lighter-weight alternative. If you have skin anything like mine then this could be your perfect cleanser ; combination / breakout / dull. The ingredients, vitamins and enzymes just seem to work and target all my problems and needs.

Bank Breaker?

Not hugely, but also I guess I am used to spending a bit on my cleansers as I will always tend to use high end, which this is. It costs £28 / 150ml  In comparison ; Eve Lom costs £55 /100ml, Emma Hardie £38 /100ml, Sarah Chapman £40 / 100ml, so these are all a lot more for less product. Worth the slight splurge for sure.

Have you tried Oskia skincare? People seem to rave about the renaissance mask which is now in my pile to try next and I really want to try some of their other bits so any recommendations are welcome!