I need YOUR help: American beauty brands & shopping suggestions!

Soooooo, wow how time has flown. 6 months ago (yesterday) me and my lovely boy got married in London. We had a one-week mini-moon the week after, which was actually AMAZING : we  went to the peak district & north wales for some serious hiking, dog-walking and sight-seeing and I had the best time. Now it is finally time for the BIG ONE : Our nearly one-month trip to the U.S.A where we are hiring a 4×4 and driving all over California and Nevada to see some major cities, do a bit of partying (Vegas, basically), some shopping (just me as I’m sneaking off behind his back), and for the most part, spending time in the beautiful and immense national parks. I can’t bloody wait.

For the last 6 months, it has seemed so far away that one cannot even get excited, but now I find myself building up the apprehension and excitement as I start to prep, shop and pack the things I need. Not only will I be boring everyone with photos and updates on my Instagram , but I really am excited to be doing some proper beauty haulin’ in America. I haven’t been to America for many years, like the last time I was probably 14, so I wasn’t interested in beauty or makeup much so this is my big opportunity to get at brands that I can’t get over here in the U.K, get some cheaper bits and introduce myself to some niche brands. 

This is where I need YOUR help! Please suggest….I’m totally out of the loop when it comes to American beauty brands, or even nor necessarily amercian, just brands I cannot get hear. I know so many of you are in the know so please do share the love and suggestions. Any Amercian readers……HOLLA!!