Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream Review.

I have avoided eye creams for a couple of months now as I find that if I use very rich ones, very often….I just end up getting irritated eyes, a bit puffy and I just lose interest. My 20-yr-from-now-self will be wanting to kick me, so I am pursuing again with the eye cream! First up, and what has been in my ‘waiting box’ for a while now, is the Benefit ‘It’s Potent!’ Eye Cream*.

I hadn’t used this before, but I did used to use the Benefit ‘Eye-Con’ eye cream (now discontinued) many years ago and loved it and I am curious to see if their skincare still works with my older and more leathery self.

What it does?

This eye cream promises to fade dark circles, smooth fine lines and firm …pretty typical of an eye cream blurb but I have been using it now for over 3 weeks and I have noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my eye area. It contains a peptide complex to help firm the skin, hydrating botanical extracts and something called loquat extract that protects from free radical damage. I am fortunate enough not to have really dark circles under my eyes so can’t report back on that, but a thumbs up for the smoothing and firming from me.

My Thoughts.

It is very lightweight in texture which I really like and it works for me as the richer eye creams just bog me down a bit. It’s perfect for daytime-under-makeup wear, as it won’t effect your concealer and once applied, it makes the eyes feel really fresh and awake. It’s more like a serum as opposed to a cream, so if you are really dehydrated around the eyes, I would suggest something richer. For me personally, the only negative of this eye cream is the fact it is in a pot. Don’t get me wrong, the pretty glass jar and faux-cork lid are very pleasing to the eye, as is the entire B.Right skincare range (LOVE!), but I just prefer and eye cream in a pump applicator as it’s just quicker, more convenient and more hygienic.

Who should buy this?

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to address the first signs of ageing and suffers from dark circles : perhaps 20yrs + up to mid-30’s. If you don’t like anything too heavy or rich then this is for you! Not for those who need loads of hydration or who want something super anti-ageing / already have existing lines and wrinkles.  Can be used AM/PM and apply by simply tapping it around the under eye area and orbital bone and allowing to absorb. The It’s Potent! eye cream costs £25.50.

Have you tried any of the Benefit skincare? This is the first product I have used from the B.Right range, and am really keen to try the facial emulsion and the moisture prep toning lotion which I have heard so much about.