Skincare | Antipodes Aura Manuka mask.

I’ve had a bit of a crazy week this week ; work, events, early starts, social things & just 2 hours shopping on Oxford street can send anyone a little crazzzzzzzzzzy. I have this weekend off, so am looking forward to taking a bit of time out to have a bath, light some candles, take a bit of time to myself and pamper my skin. I feel like I haven’t done this for ages, in fact I think the last time I had a bath was over a month ago. (disclaimer: I do shower) This luscious mask will be spear-heading the self-indulgent session as alongside my head, my skin is also feeling a little stressed this week.

If you haven’t heard of Antipodes skincare before, it is an organic & gorgeous skincare range from New Zealand which harnesses the goodness from different plants, seeds and flowers to treat the skin in a gentle yet effective manner.  If there is one product you need to try or at least get on a wish list, then it’s this ; The Aura Manuka honey mask*.


This manuka mask isn’t just a hydrating mask as you would expect, but it actually cleanses the skin, hydrates, soothes and has anti-bacterial properties so is strongly recommended for an oily & problematic skin type. It’s my go-to ‘all rounder’ mask that ticks most of the boxes for my skin’s needs and I find that I notice a difference after one use.


As the name suggests, this mask contains manuka honey which is not only an anti-bacterial agent, but this also draws moisture to the skin and soothes and heals. This has been used as a traditional Maori remedy for many years! It also has Pohutukawa flowers that are antioxidant-rich and have antiseptic properties. It smells abosultely gorgeous with natural fragrances of vanilla pod and mandarin which help bring peace and balance to your aura. (I’m currently obsessed with their Vanilla pod hydrating day cream and the smell reminds me of this)


It feels just like a rich face moisturiser, and to use it you just smooth it all over the face (I use it under my eyes too) onto a cleansed, dry skin and leave it for at least 10/15 minutes then rinse off with water ; I like to remove with warm water and an Emma Hardie cloth as it makes my skin feel super clean afterwards. This has no stripping acids so it can be used 2-3 times a week or more if your skin really needs a treat. This can also be used as an on-the-spot treatment due to it’s anti-bac and antiseptic properties.

Have you used any Antipodes skincare before? They also do gorgeous mineral makeup, and I just reviewed their foundation here. It’s one of my favourite skincare brands at the moment and I really cannot recommend it enough.