Facial Sprays : Why you need them & 5 of the best.

Not toners…more HYDRATING facial sprays for soothing and refreshing the skin. I have used some kind of hydrating spray in my kit ever since I was introduced to the Shu Uemura one at makeup school and in my opinion, it’s a pretty important step for prepping the skin for skincare and in turn makeup. For great makeup, you have to start with great skincare.

These sprays are not only quick and handy to use in my kit and at home, but there are so many to choose from and you will always find one perfect for your skin. I use them mainly after cleansing the skin to layer under serum/moisturiser, it infuses with your skincare and if you choose a good quality one it can enhance your skincare and improve your regime significantly. Also really good for on-the-go rehydrating ; travel, in the handbag, & freshening your makeup.

Melvita Plumping Radiance Duo (£25 50ml) I initially got this as a freebie but this is now my 2nd bottle and I’m nearly out. Quite a pricey one in comparison to the others but it is one of the best I have used. This combines rosewater and rose oil in one which explains the bi-phase look to the product, give it a good shake to combine before use and it leaves skin feeling wonderfully nourished and plump.

Shu Uemura Rosemary Depsea Mist (£17 150ml) 8 herbal aromas, including rosemary are infused with Mr.Uemura’s infamous ‘Depsea water’/ This is mineral-enriched sea water from beneath the sea bed that soothes the skin and wraps it in hydration. Comes in 5 different ‘fragrances’ and Rosemary, along with Lavender is my no.1. This is one of my makeup kit staples and a MUA favourite.

La Roche Posay Serozinc* (currently just £5.66 for 150ml on Escentuals) Hyped
up and lives up to the hype, this zinc sulphate based facial spray is perfect for a more oily and combination skin as it will soothe, balance & purify. In writing this one is the best for my skin type and I really do notice a slight improvement in the the clarity of my skin when I have used it for a week or so. This is also one for tighter budgets and those looking for one they can pick up on the high street.

Dr Jart water-act skin mist* (£18 150ml) A really gentle infusion that soothes and calms irritations. I think this is the best one to use on a sensitive skin and dehydated skin. This is super refreshing so I think this will be my summer face spray of choice. Formulated without fragrance, alcohol or parabens.

Jurlique Rosewater balancing mist (from £14.85 50ml) I have used this, like the Shu Uemura one, for MANY years. It is rosewater based so has a very soothing and relaxing subtle scent ; balances, soothes and hydrates the skin. It’s either this one or the Melvita that I like to travel with  as it comes in a small 50ml size – the perfect long-haul flight companion to hydrate the skin as you travel and also re-fresh the skin/ makeup before you continue your journey.

Have you used any of these facial sprays? What are you preferred ones?