My new look | Pastel Pink Hair.

Last week I was looking on Pinterest (are you on it?! follow me along with the 20 others here!) and I was lusting over pastel pink, lilacs and all the pretty hair. Fast forward 2 hours later and I was over my sink bleaching the shit out of my hair to take my ombre dark blonde/brown hair into the lightest possible shade I could get.

You need to be very blonde, almost white to take on pastel hair colours. Yeah, I have no idea what spurred me to do it myself but I just sometimes have these impulsive/crazy/stupid moments. I have quite a good selection of peroxide, bleach powders, toners, colours and have done quite a bit of at-home-experimenation with my hair before so I had everything needed within reach (I’m not sure if this was a good or a bad thing?!).

My roots which are medium brown were lifting really slowly with the bleach/peroxide yet the ends which were already medium blonde went almost white straight away. I was left with a really bad mish-mash tone of blonde all over my head…warm blonde into white and I didn’t know WHAT to do with myself. I was aiming to get my hair lilac, but you need to go pretty much white/ grey blonde to get this really nailed. So I opted for peachy pink and I started mixing up a bunch of BLEACH london colour (Rose) & Crazy colours (marshmallow, pinkissimo, candy floss) and just went for it.

I’m not going to talk you through step-by-step on how I went pink as it was a really lengthy and complicated process, I already had lots of dye/bleach already on my hair and I don’t want to have any responsibilty for hair horrors from my readers! You can YouTube and read loads of other more professional peeps about doing this and the process.

From my experience I would leave something as drastic as this to the experts and book yourself into a good hairdresser/ colourist. I usually go to Nikki at Whiskey Divine just on brick lane, and she is amazing..and I’m letting my hair rest for a month after the sever bleaching and then I will be booking in with her to turn me a whiter /grey blonde so I can have lovely even pastel lilac for a little bit.

The result was pretty good although I was serious hap-dash about it. It went a peachy pink in some places and a really nice pastel pink in others. I also bought some blonde clip in extensions from Sally’s which I dyed pastel pink (THIS was MUCH easier) so can wear my hair long or short with all this pinkness. The only problem is, and anyone with the love for pastel hair will know….is that is fades…like real quick. Currently I am refreshing the colour every other wash by using the BLEACH London Rose Conditioner and once a week I am to having a proper dying session to keep this colour fresh. I am using lots of treatments on my hair and scalp as the bleaching session has taken it’s toll on my hair a bit : Am loving the BLEACH resurrection mask & this Argan 5+ Precious Elixir for my scalp and ends.

What do you think of the new do?! It’s quite a change, but I like it for the moment, I think I may get a little bored with the whole having to re-dye it constantly.