Makeup Crush Monday #8 | Rodial Instaglam Illuminating Powder.

Rodial is a brand I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with over the years. I used to use their Glamtox range (silver) way back when like 6 years ago when they literally did one face cream, a balm and a cleanser….then they started bringing out loads more skincare…like loads. So much that I couldn’t keep up with the colours, the different ranges, the different promises and the ‘headline-grabbing’, often controversial names. I backed off for a bit, as I found it too much and too confusing, but more recently they  launched 2 ranges that captured my interest and I found them to be really good ; the Stem cell Superfood (purple) range and also the Superacids (green) range. I have dipped my toe back into their skincare.

Last year Rodial expanded into makeup..they had done various tinted lip balms, BB creams etc in the past but this was PROPER makeup – concealers, powders, contouring products, highlighters etc etc. Daisy Lowe is the face of the makeup and they have really pushed the whole highlight/contour theme to promote the launch and brand.

I was very curious to see how it would perform and have a few products from the makeup range which I have been trying out. One product which has stood out for me, and I’m loving it so much it’s slipped it’s way into my daily makeup routine…is the Instaglam illuminating Powder*. (It has a longer name than that but let’s just stick with that..)

What is it?

This is a highlighting powder, not dissimilar to let’s say Kevyn Aucoin, Hourglass…but it is REALLY finely milled, more so than any others I have tried. The micronized pearls allow it to apply beautifully and it’s so soft it quite literally melts into the skin. I use this more as an all over glow as opposed to a targeted highlighter as it is very subtle. If you like glowing and radiant skin then give this a light dusting all over the face with a big fluffy powder brush and you will have that youthful glow in an instant. If you like a more subtle finish then simply apply as a normal highlighter – on the cheekbones. down the centre of the nose, cupids bow and brow bone(after makeup).

It’s a universal soft champagne pearlescent hue. This will work on pretty much all skintones, just apply less as the skintone gets deeper. Also really nice as a subtle eyeshadow colour.

The packging is pretty opulent and luxe (we are building up to the price here..) with a pretty solid silver/metal compact that has a magnetic shutter and a huge ‘R’ embossed on the top in faux black leather ; uber glam and very Rodial.

Ok the price….it’s expensive. This costs £52 which even made me raise my brows…this is up there almost with the By Terry/ Tom Ford prices. I can’t see anything that different in the ingredients that would make it that pricey so I think it’s the combination of the beautiful, fine, texture of the powder combined with the very flashy packaging. Personally, I feel if it was £42 it would be more appealing, it IS very expensive for a highlighter. However, it’s really beautiful and I’m slathering it over my face on a daily basis. I’m fearing the day this hits the pan.

Have you tried any of the Rodial makeup or Skincare? What are you thinking, is there anything you would like to try from the range? I am really intrigued to try the Contour powder and to see the tone of this as some aren’t flat enough I find, the Eye Sculpt also looks really lovely and something I would use.