Gold Collagen | 1-month review.

I think as people become more educated about ingredients, skin health and diet,  supplements/beauty drinks will become more and more popular. Up until recently, you could only really go to places like Space Nk, NUDE skincare, Dr.Perricone and other fancy panty places to get these ‘good’ supplements ; I mean good because a lot of the cheap vitamins/collagen tablets etc that you can buy for like £3 don’t tend to be of that good quality and a HUGE percentage of the vitamin will not be absorbed by the body.

Splurging a bit more cash into your supplements can reap huge benefits, and thankfully, they are becoming more readily available in places like Boots and our high street stores. Every time I go into Boots, there seems to be a new elixir, health tablet or *thing* to ingest to help me on my yellow brick road to eternal youth.

I have been using the Gold Collagen* beauty elixir DAILY for a one month period now and I’m pretty impressed with the results thus far. I still have another 10 days to go as I bought one more box to extend the ‘treatment’.  My skin has become clearer and it just looks really healthy and bright at the moment. Hydration is a bit of a problem for me in colder months and I haven’t got the usual problems of patchiness and flakiness on my skin. Now I DO have moments of the year where my skin (in my mind perhaps?) looks really good, and maybe this is one of the times, but I think it is too much of a coincidence. I put up on my Facebook about starting the one-month trial and had a huge bunch of my friends saying how it has worked for them – one of my friend’s dad even saying it clears up his Psoriasis!? No idea if it’s supposed to do that, so don’t hold me to that but it doesn’t seem to just be me who has seen the positive effects of taking this supplement drink.

It is advised to drink one of the small (50ml) bottles per day for anything from 1-month plus. I think if you want to see real improvements on the tone and texture of your skin then maybe it’s better to go for a bit longer, like I have done. A few people and bloggers I know have said that they think this tastes awful…I must have weird tastebuds because for me, it HONESTLY is pleasant. I keep it in the fridge and down it in the AM before breakfast or coffee and I actually find it really refreshing and a nice hit of sweetness. I am thinking maybe the people who say it’s not very nice may not be used to some of the proper grim-tasting supplements that are around, I’m not sure, just a little baffled. If’s it’s doing something good for my body = it’s going down. Gold Collagen is a walk in the park in comparison to some of the atrocities I’ve ingested.


Collagen: Natch.  This keeps skin firm and maintains elasticity in your skin. As you get older, you lose collagen, hence, why the skin becomes more slack, wrinkles appear etc. Collagen keeps the skin plump.

Copper: Helps maintain connective tissues in the skin.

Biotin: Helps both the skin and hair maintenance.

Vitamin C: Helps collagen formation, amongst many other things!

Vitamin E: Protects the skin cells from oxidative damage.

Vitamin B6: Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Also reduces tiredness and fatigue.

These ingredients combined, and in the formula where they are readily absorbed into the body will promote younger looking skin, improve the hydration in the skin, support healthy-looking hair and nails and also reduce the appearance of fine lines if used for a longer period of time.


Depending on the results you are after you can either do a 3-week (hydration) , 6-week (skin smoothing) or 9-week (firmess/anti-wrinkle) course, each taking one bottle/ day. Basically the longer you take it to more optimum the results.

It’s not cheap and it never will be if it’s of a certain quality. It costs £35 for a box of ten and you need to really get three boxes to start with. HOWEVER, Boots pretty much always do a 3 for 2 on Gold Collagen so make sure you purchase it when on offer. It’s currently £5 off a box AND 3 for 2 as far as I can see: £60 for a month = more doable.

Do you take vitamins/ supplements? Is this something you would consider investing in alongside your skincare routine? I think it will become more and more common over the next few years.