Wedding Day Beauty Preparation : Skincare, Hair & Body.

I’ve been a little A.W.O.L from this blog lately as I got married last weekend, Saturday 25th October, and in the week before run-up, everything got a little crazy and then the week after I went on a Staycation UK mini-moon trip! I just got back yesterday so wanted to say hello and talk a bit of beauty.

In the month leading up to my big day I decided to really change up my lifestyle and beauty routine in preparation to look the best for my big day. Alongside the typical skincare overhaul, I also upped my gym-going routine, did quite a bit of juicing and healthy eating to slim down a bit to feel my best in my last-minute purchased dress. I will tell you more about what I wore etc etc when I share the photos of the day soon.

 Juicing, Diet & Supplements

Aside from visits to the gym, I watched a lot more what i was eating (painful) and took in some supplements to help me along the way. I really noticed a difference in how I felt, and obviously this is something that I will continue to do ; although I am being less strict with the diet side of things. Ahem.

Juicing : I downloaded the Jason Vale 7-day slim, and juiced on and off for 2 weeks. I didn’t just stick to juicing, but my normal day would be a juice in the AM (Green Juice), and then if I was working I would take a juice with me and have that at lunch, if I was going to the gym, I would have a juice and a protein shake as I would feel more hungry. Every evening I would have a low-carb meal.

 Green Juice Recipe

I based this on the Jason Vale one just ‘jujjed’ it up a bit. 

1/2 cucumber

1 stick of celery

Handful of Spinach

2 green apples

1/2 lime, peeled

thumbnail of ginger

bunch of fresh mint

shot of wheatgrass, shot of Spirulina

Colladeen Visage*:  A makeup artist friend of mine, SWORE that these really changed her skin so I took 2 every day. These are food supplements that contain potent antioxidants, vitamin C and anthocyanidins that all help support maintenance of the skin.

Cosmedix Colon cleanse*: (30 day treatment) Sounds pretty grim and tasted *not the best* but you just have to mix this up with a bit of water and shoot it down in the AM. Whilst the majority of the other things are for perfecting the outside, this is to detox and restore the inside. It contains essential fibre, probiotics and herbs to cleanse, keep you regular and leave your skin brighter.


As opposed to using new products every week which is what I have seemingly been doing for the past 6 months or so (as soon as I get sent a new product I’m swayed to try it = I end up with zero stability in my skincare routine and hundreds of merely used products!), I made a dedication to just one simple (ish) skincare & Beauty routine. It really paid off as my skin was glowing.

     AM Routine :

CLEANSING: Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser.

Clark’s Botanicals skin clearing wash on my chest and back to keep any blemishes at bay (my dress had quite a lot of back showing), I used my Body Shop body brush to apply this in the shower.

FACE: Melvita Rose plumping duo face spritz*, followed by La Prairie Longevity serum* (AMAZZING) , then either La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo OR Antipodes Vanilla pod day cream* (if my skin felt a bit dry)

EYE: Radical Eye Revive cream.

     PM Routine :

CLEANSING: Aurelia Miracle cleanser*, followed by a second cleanse with Una Brennan Tea Flower cleanser*. I used this as opposed to Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip as it’s a very light and fresh formula and perfect for making the skin feel really zingy and clean as a second-step cleanse.

FACE: I applied Melita Fleur D’Orange extraordinary water* all over my face with a cotton pad, followed by Sunday Riley Juno face oil. I would swap the Juno Oil every 2/3 nights with the Revive Moisturising renewal cream. This contains glycolic acid so is a great brightening night cream but for me, not every single night.

EYE: Radical Eye cream

     Skin Treatments: 

Metique 10% Tea Tree treatment*. I used this straight onto my skin as a blemish treatment when needed, mainly in the PM.
Trish McEvoy correct & brighten weekly peel*. This are pre-soaked multi-acid pads that are to be used around once a week, I sometimes used them twice to get a really good result. Loving these! Great for brightening, uneven skin tone, breakouts and enlarged pores.
Glamglow masks*. My favourite range of masks! I dipped in and out of all three of these as I needed. I used the SuperMud (white one) as a deep cleanse around once a week, The ThirstyMud (blue) around 2/3 times a week to plump and hydrate and the YouthMud (black) the week before and night before to get camera-ready smooth skin.

Body Beauty 

This was usually post-gym. At home, I find it more of a hassle to do all of this but as most of these bits were in my gym bag, I got into a really good routine of using all these products in succession and my body looked and felt firmer, smoother and more glowing.

Argan Oil Skin Renewal Scrub*. A great firming and exfoliating body scrub that smells delicious. I use it on wobbly bits in the shower.
Sunday Riley Liquid Diet. I used this always post-exercise. It’s a detoxing, cooling and slimming treatment that works on water retention. I used this almost like a serum on my upper and lower legs. Also feels really soothing after a good workout.
Rodial Body Sculpture ( now discontinued). This is a firming gel so I used this mainly on my tummy, upper arms and bottom.
Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil*. I didn’t use this every single day, maybe every other day and when my skin was needing a moisture boost alongside a bit of firming. As both the Rodial Body Sculpture and Sunday Riley Liquid Diet are both lightweight in texture this can be used over the top or in conjuction with both.
XEN TAN Absolute Luxe. NOT a post-gym body treatment, but more of a twice-a-week tan application which I used to build up a beautiful natural tan. The best on the market hands down.
Melvita Apicosma Body Balm*. Again, not a gym bag product, this I keep in my bathroom and use post evening bath/shower to give my skin a really deep burst of hydration. Has a beautiful rich texture and leaves my skin feeling wonderful!


I went a little craYzy with the haircare a good 2 months previous to my wedding as over the summer I bleached my hair, dyed it pink, orange, peach, purple….everythaaang. So it needed a lot of love and moisture. I used all of the below (and more) to treat and nourish my hair. The Philip B Russian Amber shampoo/conditioner is a huge extravagance but have had this for around a year and only use it as a treat. I have used this duo more frequently recently, maybe once a week. You may also be glad to know that I dyed my hair a more natural tone for the big day and it wasn’t the trashy dream I had been living all summer. I went for a more muted ombre, but still kept the blonde hair.

I never usually bother with such lengthy and self-indulgent routines but this was and is a one-off ; I will go back to being lazy and haphazard I am sure but I am going to try and improve my general beauty routine and leave more time aside as I really saw some good results. To Follow : The makeup I used on the day including a step-by-step.