Liberty’s Beauty Advent Calender.

This will be going in my luxe Christmas gift guide when I get round to doing it , but I wanted to quickly introduce you to/remind you about it before it sells out, which I am told it will soon. 
*UPDATE 27.11.14* I believe these sold out yesterday….but they are getting in like a hundred more TODAY!

The Liberty’s Beauty Advent Calender caught my eye yesterday when I was in-store shopping with Vanessa. It’s a biggish solid card stand up box thing, maybe just under a meter in height, with 25 quite large drawers inside where your daily pressie lies within a bit of tissue or similar. I didn’t want to pull out ALL the drawers as was thinking, if I buy it, I DO want it to be a suprise…but lets’ say out of 6 drawers I pulled out, I pretty much had the £149 Pricetag already covered. I then enquired how much the RRP value of all the products inside was and it was £400 and something. WANT! They are now into low stock of this calender, I think they said they had maybe 700 left, I think I am going to go back this week to buy one….for myself.Natch.

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Products I saw within this box of treasures were a 30ml Molecule 01 fragrance (this is MY fragrance and I had literally just purchased the large size of this…), a small Diptyque Baies candle, A REN 50ml makeup remover/cleansing milk, Some kind of mini Hourglass lip colour, A 20 or 30ml size of Dr Sebagh Serum Repair – that’s £69, just for that. We are already over the £149 or near enough, so I’ll stop.

Any Beauty fiend will be over the moon with this, just go and have a look if you are near the store or check online if you want to know more about the exact products inside.