Vichy Normaderm NEW Night Detox.

What if a night cream could control sebum, detoxify the skin and give a clean, fresh sensation?

 I was already sold from this tagline. My skin is open-pored, combination, a bit breakout and the majority of night creams and treatments out there tend to be for re-hydrated, re-charging and for normal-dry skin. There isn’t *loads* out there on the mass-market for us oily girls & boys. If you are like me, you double/triple/quadruple cleanse in the PM to rid of any makeup and all that excess oil that builds up on your skin during the day; my skin usually feels wonderful as I get into bed, and once I wake up, it again feels dirty, oily and just meh. This is because at night, the skin is recovering & renewing itself which in turn, produces sebum (oil as we know it). This, in turn, can cause the pores to become blocked and we wake up looking MEH.

The new Normaderm Night Detox* is a lightweight cream that is all about anti-imperfection and clarifying the skin. It slows down the nightly sebum production = upon wakening in the AM, the skin will  have less sebum/oil, imperfections reduces, pores look less visible, the skin feels clean and the skin looks brighter. I am imagining sleeping beauty waking up right now with birds singing etc. This sounds almost too good to be true.

How does it detox + Purify the skin? The Normaderm Night Detox contains a cocktail of handpicked ingredients targeted towards oily & imperfect skintypes.

* EPERULINE This is a tree branch extract from the amazon, which is a powerful antioxidant with the important anti-inflammatory properties. Very calming to the skin

*LHA This has an anti-bacterial action to unclog the pores.

*SALICYLIC ACID My hero product! Love me a bit of salicylic. It’s an absolute go-to for oily and breakout skins, LOOK for this in your creams & treatments. This is like a corkscrew cleaner for pores, it also exfoliates dead skin cells off the skin’s surface and regulates oil production.

*H.E.P.E.S Let’s not spell or say that wrong. HEPES is an ingredient I am familiar with as it is also in the Kiehl’s Overnight Biological peel treatment which I have used in the past. It is a gentle exfoliating agent.

*PERLITE This is like a natural sponge, that holds 5 times it’s weight in sebum, so absorbs oil away from the skin.

I have been using this literally since the launch (1 week) as I was so drawn to it, and can safely say it’s a bit of a wonder product for my skin. I use it straight after cleansing in the PM and it is lightweight, feels really cooling and fresh on my skin and I DO wake up with less oil on my skin and my pores look smoother for sure. Longterm, I think it will help keep my skin clearer and in check, and it’s perfect for right now in the British summer when your skin doesn’t need as much product. When winter comes I think I will need a touch more hydration so will probably switch up back to a clarifying night oil. If you have any signs on your skin of what I have been talking about and can familiarise with any of the above problems, then 100% look into this.

It costs £15.50 which I think is very reasonable and is available at the usuals : Boots, Escentual & Feel unique & many more online retailers and in-store.