FOTD using my IMATS purchases.

I went to IMATS last weekend for a couple of days of madness, and if you didn’t see my makeup haul you can check it here. I wanted to try out some of my new products so had a sit down and play yesterday to see how the products apply, sit and last on my skin. 

It’s a really simple look, because of the intensity of the red lip colour I wanted to leave that as the focus as opposed to going heavy on the eyes and lips – not so chic! The Limecrime Velvetine is absolutely stunning and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try them out. I think this colour (Red Velvet) is the real signature red and I had a quick look at the others but this is the one I just had to try as I had also heard loads of great reviews about it. You MUST, must, MUST prep your lips properly with a product like this as it dries to a super matte finish and if you have dry/crusty lips…..don’t even bother. It will end up looking really cakey and claggy. My tip, is to use a lip scrub or just a toothbrush over your lips followed by a lovely nourishing lip balm (my favourites are here) blot the excess balm of and then apply your velvetine. The wear of this is incredible and I have no doubt if I feel into bed with it on in the PM, I would wake up with a perfect red lip 8 hours later! In my opinion, it lives up to the hype but MUST PREP THOSE LIPS!

 The Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush is another product I have heard about. They are a very, very fluid liquid blusher that you can apply with fingertips or more easier with a brush (I use my new Crownbrush IB107 , another IMATS purchase). Give it a shake to mix the pigments before use (I could see when I first opened it was seperated out quite a bit) and apply. This colour ‘Cherub’ is a winner for me, it’s a very fresh dusky pink and a lovely tone for everyday wear. On darker skintones, go for something warmer, he does loads of shades, as this will look a little pale. 

It leaves a lovely wash of colour on my skin and is easy to build. I am using this 100% in my kit rather than on myself and here is why : If you like bronzer (powder) or contour, and wear quite a heavy base, then you will already have quite a bit of product on your skin before you apply blusher. As this blusher this is so watery in texture, if you apply to a very made up face you risk removing what you already have on and you are left with the dreaded patches. This is a blusher for those who like a very light and fresh base and also, this will look stunning on my models simply with a touch of MAC Face & Body. For myself it would be a more everyday blush when I am just using a BB cream and I think this is a waste of such a lovely product, hence why it goes into my kit. I hope that makes sense?!

 The Crownbrush Illuminating foundation I am already a fan of (see my review here) yet the shade I got sent was a touch too dark. This shade I picked up at IMATS just allows me to get a perfect match by mixing the two until I have my summer tan. 

I also picked up the new eyelashes which are going to be exclusively available at Crownbrush which are ‘Lash Boutique’. These ‘Hannah’ lashes are slightly bigger than what I normally personally wear but wanted to give them a try with my glam red lips. They have a lovely selection of other lashes and what I really likes was that fact that the strips come long on these falsies…I had to cut them quite a bit but that makes sure they will fit ALL eyeshapes. Also the glue is really unique: it’s a black lash glue, which some brands do, but this one is scent-free! If you’ve used DUO you know that it can be a little pongy. 

I’m really happy with my new makeup purchases and the star of the show I think has to be the Limercime  Velvetine. I am going to look more into the other shades for sure. I guess these are the original liquid longwear lipsticks that seem to be everywhere at the moment?!

Products Used: 

Crownbrush Foundation Shade FK102 (mixed with the FK115)

Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer ‘Warm Medium’

Jemma Kidd Bronzer (discontinued – soz)

Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush ‘Cherub’

KIKO brow ink (shade 4 I think – the darkest one)

KIKO Daring Look liquid eyeliner

Bareminerals Lash Domination mascara

Lash Boutique ‘Hannah’ Lashes 

Limecrime Velevetine ‘Red Velvet’

Have you used any of these products before? What do you think of the look?