Models Own : New HyperGel Topcoat.

The HyperGel polishes from Models Own were some of my favourites from this range. They are launching a continuation from this popular range with this HyperGel gel effect topcoat*. This professional formula ensures to extend the wear and duration of any nail polish and add a chip-resistant glossy layer.

It is a slightly thicker gel formula than other topcoats I have used, which I really like as it’s super easy to apply and this dries in just 60 seconds. The formula is enriched with lotus flower oil to prevent damage to the nails, and can be easily removed with nail polish remover. It leaves my nails really lovely and glossy and smooth and definately extends the wear of the polishes I have tried it with (Rococo, ModelsOwn and Illamasqua). On another note, the brush is REALLY good. It is quite a wide and flat brush with a slightly rounded tip so it covers the nails easily and quickly in 2 swipes.

 The HyperGel topcoat costs just £8 and launches into Superdrug at the end of July, and is available NOW online

What is the best topcoat you have tried? Would love to know your thoughts.

PS I am still absolutely loving the Polish for Tans from Models Own, but everywhere I go they are SOLD OUT of them all. I need to get my hands on ‘Beach Bag’ and ‘Sun Hat’ desperately!! If you see any in London let me know (I prefer not online shopping!)