Did Google+ destroy my blog?!…

I am quite open that I am pretty useless with technology, and in particular, computer-related things. Now I signed up (did I? I can’t remember) to Google+  recently, apparently, and I haven’t used it or whatever you are supposed to do with it up until a few days ago. Is it like Facebook? If people add you, do you add them back? I have no clue and I’m sure when I have time I will be looking for a good blog link on how to combat this confusing mystery (HINT : Leave links below).


That’s not my main issue, I went on to it via my iphone the other day to ‘Add’ people to my circles, and saw that I had numerous photo albums on there….hundreds and hundreds of photos..EEK, but I never uploaded any, what ARE these photos off? Had Google+ synched my personal iphone album somehow onto a public gallery for all to see? That’s what I thought, so I just started randomly deleting the albums so there was nothing left. EXCELLENT, I had ‘sorted’ my Google+ profile! OR NOT. The next day, Zoe sent me a whats’app pic to let me know what she was seeing when she was looking at my blog, my blog header has gone and in it’s place a big, greyscale No Entry image. I was panicked and clueless so logged onto Blogger and started to aimlessly fumble through the layout and see what I couldn’t do. I then started to see that LOADS of my posts , mainly old, some REALLY important/popular has NO images on them and they had also, been replaced with this No Entry image. My hear sunk, I panicked….I then realised that it is likely it was all the photos I had deleted from my Google+ stupid god damn thing. I had no idea (naively I know) that these could be linked that closely. I have lost some of my most-loved blog posts and days and days of my time because of this. I have slowly started to go through my posts and check how many I have lost, at the moment I am simply converting them back to draft form, in hope that I still have the photos from the corresponding post somewhere, somehow.


Basically, I may have gone and really fu**ed up here, OR there may be a really simple solution, once which I am oblivious too, either way if you know what I can do, then please help. If not, then simply comment on a post if you see it is littered with these grey no entry signs or you cannot see any photos. At least I can get rid of that post too!

PS this also explains, the budget (I did it) temporary Blog Header that has appeared!

Yours Stupidly,