March Empties.

It’s been a while (months & months) since I have done an empties post which is why this is quite a sizeable bunch of has-beens. Plus everything likes to run out at the same time right?! Moving house in January also made me start using up nearly empties to start a-fresh, so here is my recently used up beauty goodies:

 As there is quite a big pile of products here, I have split them into three categories of Bath & Body, Skincare and Makeup, so you can skip to what interests you more or grab a coffee and read the lot!



Metique Tea Tree Skin wash*:

I do get breakouts on my back on occasion, especially if I am going to the gym a lot, and this is one of the best washes I have used for this. You can use this on your face, but for me, the tea tree is a little potent for my face/eye area so I use this solely for my body. 

A lot of these washes have only such a tiny amount of tea tree actually in them that they aren’t likely to do a great deal, this has 5% high grade tea tree therefore making it really active and it really does clear & clean the skin effectively. Also non-foaming and sulphate-free.

The way I use it is to dispense a bit into my hands then apply straight onto my back/and or chest in the shower, I would then leave it for a few minutes to get to work and then I would gently scrub it off with my shower brush. This is really good if you are a gym-goer, get back or chest acne, and also is really good for boys.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning:

If you are regular reader of Laura Lou Beauty, you will know I am a super fan of Aromatherapy Associates and absolutely swear by these bath & shower oils. I am never without, and as I am nearing the bottom of a bottle, I am already running out of my door and re-purchasing. Revive morning is more of a shower oil and is the only one I use in the shower. In the AM, apply a capful of the oil all over your body and after a couple of mins I jump into the shower and carry on as normal. This will allow for the oils to hit the bloodstream and go to work. Revive morning is particulary great for those who feel sluggish in the AM’s and need a boost, but more importantly I think this is a a great DETOX and slimming oil too. It contains first-pressed essential oils of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Juniper which are uplifting and also renowned for weight loss, draining and slimming properties.

Apivita Shampoo & Conditioner*:

I really enjoyed using these and they were a great combination for my hair type. I am fine / damaged and a bit frizzy so I pretty much need to wash my hair daily, but I still need a bit of a boost of nourishment in my conditioner and this was a pretty good combo.

The chamomile & honey shampoo is more for frequent use and good for those with scalp conditions and irritations. It’s a wonderfully gentle shampoo made with natural ingredients (92% natural) but still made my hair feel really clean. I have used shampoos lately which i have to use twice to make my hair feel clean, but this one just instantly made my hair feel fresh and cleansed without having to go in again. Smells very fresh and light – I can pick up notes of the chamomile and rosemary as opposed to sweet honey.

Suitable for those who have to wash hair daily / frequently / sensitive scalps and the whole family.

 I was using the honey & almond hair mask as my conditoner
and it was suprisingly fine for everyday use, I just used it on my lengths and ends.
This one smells a touch more sweeter than the shampoo and you can smell
the honey in this without it smelling sickly sweet or perfum-ey.

ERB Shower & bath cream*:

This is a pure luxury shower gel, that is infused with Jasmine, rice and mint that is beautifully creamy and fragrant. A real treat for the skin as it nourishes and doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped or squeaky after use but the mint allows a nice deep clean. If you like Jasmine then you will love this! It has a very strong scent so make sure you like Jasmine – it reminds me of the Diptyque Jasmin candle. The packaging is really boudour galmour and quite different-looking to other brands Ihave used. Currently this range is only available at Harrod’s. in the UK and also online.

Living Proof Restore treatment mask:

This has been sat on my bath shelf for well over a year, it has lasted me ages! It’s a very concentrated hair mask, that is super buttery and rich in texture that I have been using as a once in while treat.:maybe once a fortnight. This has Living Proof’s signature ingredient in it that smooths and de-frizzes the hair and also protects. This is designed with dry , damaged and coloured hair in mind and is also colour-safe. It made my hair feel nice but it didn’t ultimately change the condition of my hair (does ANYTHING?!) and I must say I didn’t particulary like the smell of this mask, to me, it’s quite a chemical smell. I don’t think I would spend £35 again on this. Still yet to try their range of shampoos and conditioners which I hear are really WoW.


Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Face Wash:

This I found
stored away from a while back and started using it a morning face wash
in the shower. It is just very soothing & gentle and a nice basic face wash.
It contains essential oils and skin soothing botanicals that gently
cleanse the skin without stripping. I used to use Kate Somerville
religiously for my AM cleanse but unfortunately it’s not as easy to get
hold of so this may be my last for a while (they stopped stocking in the
UK a couple of years back)
….My ultimate favourite cleanser from her
was the Detox cleanser for blemished/acne skin.  If you are in America
or are visiting this could be a beauty stock-up item, also a favourite
skincare brand of Caroline Hirons. I still use the Kate Somerville ‘ExfoliKate’
which is one of her key products from her range – one of the best
exfoliators I have used. This was recently in my 5-step at home facial
if you wanted to read a bit more.

Shu Uemura Cleansing oil:

A constant team-member in my
skincare family and have used this for years, great for PM makeup removal
and first step cleansing. These oils are just convenient to use as they
have a pump, they emulsify really well with water and seem to do a
brilliant job at taking off heavy eye makeup and foundation. I remove
with a cloth and warm water but it’s not necessary. Have used for over 5
years now which speaks volumes!

Dr Sebagh Serum Repair:

This is one of these serums I had lying around for ages and wasn’t too interested in it….During my house move a few months ago, I had packed away all my skincare in boxes somewhere so was pretty much forced to use this as I couldn’t find my other serums…..but I absolutely love it! It has a really lightweight gel texture and I apply it all over my face (and under the eyes) and it absorbs in super quickly then I apply my face cream. It’s very good for my combination skin as it gives amazing hydration with key ingredient hyaluronic acid without feeling oily or heavy, it also leaves my skin instantly feel lifted and plumped which is another eason I really liked this. This is a slightly smaller bottle as I got it in a Dr Sebagh travel set (this is 10ml, full size is 20ml) and the full size costs £69 which is pretty pricey. I really want to re-purchase but at the moment, I have a whole bunch of serums to try out and not much disposable money so I need to wait.


Chantecaille Just Skin:

This is one of my favourite luxe tinted moisturisers. It’s packed full of skincare, has SPF15 and has a really decent coverage. The shade I usually wear is ‘glow’ although in summer I go down to a Tan when I have more colour. I use it sparingly because of the price, it’s not my everyday go-to, more like my special tinted moisturiser when my skin needs to look natural and gorgeous in the day. I will be re-purchasing soon. 

Aerin Rose lip conditioner:

This is really skincare I guess but because of the pretty pink tint it has in it, it’s almost like makeup?! I was introduced to this by Charlotte Tilbury and it’s one of my favourite personal lip balms. The slanted tip applicator make it easy to apply on the go, no fingers needed, and it really leaves my lips plump and nourished.

Eyeko Brow gel:

This will be featured in my brow post which is coming real soon. I use this every single day to set my brows after I have filled them . It has a brown tint so gives a bit more definition and also grooms all my brow hairs in one direction and sets them there which is not possible with just brow pens or pencils/shadows. Have already re-purchased this! 

Benefit they’re Real:

This is a mini travel size I got I think at Christmas which has come in super handy for my travels. This is a great everyday mascara and the plastic wand makes it easy to seperate and really lengthen my lashes. Not the BEST mascara I have ever used as many bloggers really rave about this, but it’s a decent one for sure.

Laura Mercier ‘Brunette’ brow pencil:

This is still one of the old style (and much better) Laura Mercier brow pencils. The new ones really don’t cut it for me at all. These triangular ones, are really hard lead and once sharpened to a fine point, it’s easy to hand draw brow hairs on for a really natural finish. One of my top brow products ever, also the Brunette colour is absolutely THE ONE for me and have never found a better colour. It’s a really deep, dark brown, with absolutely no red tones in at all. Fortuntaly for me I have one more of these old pencils left to use up,after that I’m on the hunt for the next prodigal brow pencil.

Kevyn Aucoin Volume mascara:

I have had this for a while and it’s now got to the point where it’s too dry to use (I’ve had it for well over a year). This wand is teeny tiny and very thin so it’s really good for coating the whole lash from base to tip and it’s easy to build up and gather volume on the lashes. Not your typical ‘volume’ mascara wand at all which tend to be oversized and terrifying-looking. 

The unique selling point for this is the actually formula of the mascara though – it is a japanese formula (like Kanebo 38 degrees if you know that) that coats the lashes individual in tubes….and stays on clump-free, clag-free and bitty-speck-free. It comes off in warm water in small tubes that almost look like your lashes are coming off, but fear not, these black wormy looking things are just the mascara. Great for those who have very short/fine lashes and have problems with normal mascaras staying put.

Cosmetics A La Carte Brow ink*:

I really like this…. the colour is really great(Sable is me) and it stays on better than any pencil. Takes a little work to get used to applying but once you have mastered it, drawing on fake brow hairs becomes pretty easy. The only thing I would say about this is that it seemed to run out pretty quickly, but I was using it pretty much every day for over a month, but would expect it to last longer for the £20-ish pricetag. I like the idea of these though so am now trying budget version brow ink from GOSH. Will let you know my thoughts.

Phew that was a big loada stuff….*breathes out , pours wine and debates what to replace all these empties with* : suggestions welcome!