Lip Saviours : The Most Nourishing Lip Balms.

Now that (dare I say it) Spring/Summer is officially here, the lips tend to see a lot more brighter and bolder colours. However before you put on your brightest lippes, make sure your lips are nourished, flake-free and kissable!

If I am on set and I am prepping a model for a bold lip, I will always give them a lip scrub prior to lip balm to make sure they are really perfect and soft. Benefit Lipscription. (now discontinued I think) has been one of my favourites for years. Although I also hear Lush do a great lip scrub which is a decent price too. I think I’ll be trying that one out once I have squeezed the last bit of my Benefit scrub out. After you have sloughed off all the dead skin, then your lips will need a good bit of hydration to soothe and plump.

I am a lip balm junkie, I have probably around 10 scattered all over the place that I am always using : in the bathroom, in the lounge, in my handbags, next to my bed etc – there is always one within reaching distance as if I’m not constantly re-applying, my lips gets really dry and peely.

Nuxe Reve de Miel: Bedside staple.

I am on maybe my third pot of this now and each one seems to last like a year, I use this as my bedtime treat as it’s loaded with oils, honey and is super nourishing. This is an absolute winter necessity for me.

Lucas PaPaw: A makeup artist must-have.

This was introduced to me many years ago at makeup school by David Horne, and have always had a tube on the go ever since. Always in my makeup kit, it’s completely natural and hydrates the lips whilst leaving a slight sheen/gloss on the lips. Models love this. This huge tube lasts and lasts and lasts! Great value for money, and now available at various places in the UK. Back when I was a newbie makeup artist this wasn’t available in the UK so you had to get your Australian pals to bring you a bunch of tubes back from their travels.

 Estee Lauder Aerin Rose My  handbag favourite.

Easy to slick on in this small squeezy tube, has a luxe feel and a teeny pink tinge of colour, so like a tinted lip balm or a skincare-based gloss. I was introduced to this by makeup supremo Charlotte Tilbury and team and have had it ever since.

Lanolips New favourite!

I picked up this tube in Waitrose when I was back home at Christmas and it could be my favourite lip balm ever. A wonderful multi-use balm that feels so, so nourishing on dry/chapped lips and is a really rich and thick texture. I like this personally as it has no residue or greasiness post-use. Have just bought another 2 because of my love for this – one extra for me and one for my kit.

Dr Lipp:The Original lanolin balm.

This one, similar to Lanolips is made from organic, high-grade Lanolin and is really effective for dry and chapped lips. It has a slightly greasier texture than Lanolips but leaves a nice sheen on the lips, nothing like a vaseline finish, it’s still very thick in texture. This is the ONLY lip balm that hydrated my lips effectively when I was on Roaccutane.

By Terry Baume de Rose: The cult lip balm.

An infamous lip balm, and is a must-have for any beauty-junkie. A slightly expensive crush at £38 a pot, but this simply has the most beautiful finish of any lip balm I have used. It has a soft, soft pinkish white hue, that leaves lips looking perfect. When I wear this, people always ask what lip colour I am wearing. HOWEVER, if your lips are really, very dry and chapped, this is not the best balm for you! Go for one of the lanolin-based ones, this is , for me, bordering on a makeup product / skincare. Also, one of the best presents you can buy any girl.

So that is a round up of my favourite lip saviours and treats. I think it’s a lot to do with personal taste and how you want it to look on the lips – sheeny or more matte, if you like a tint of colour and obviously how chapped your lips are.
 What are your tried and tested favourite lip balms? Any here that you have tried?