Makeup Mega Haul : Dior, Clarins, Rimmel & More!

I did this mini shopping spree a few weeks ago now (as you can tell by the usage of my clarins cleanser…), but like I have said, I have just moved house in a flurry of madness and cardboard boxes, so everything is just a little behind on here at the moment.

I got the luxe products at a little independant beauty shop/chemist, you know the ones that sell Dior, Clarins, maybe Lancome...hence why so much Dior! There was a also a Boots next door where I picked up a couple of cheapy bits too. I predominantly purchased products and for my professional makeup kit, new year and all that, and a few less-exciting bits for myself.

The Clarins one-step cleanser has been a godsend whilst moving house. I cannot find my Bioderma or my recently purchased L’Oreal micellar water (this is really good!) so this is a stop-gap until I unpack everything and re-find my life. It does what it says on the bottle, quick all over, 1-step cleansing and infused with orange extract so it smells yummy. The product settles and separates so you have to give it a good shake-up before usage so combine the ingredients for optimum cleansing and removal.

The Rimmel powder and Barry M sharpener are also for me personally rather than my kit, just little things that I needed. I have had bad breakouts on my skin and wanted a simple translucent setting powder to keep everything in check. The sharpener is a godsend am I glad I spotted this handy little tool. It works on small and large pencils, it has room to hold the sharpenings and you can also choose if you want the pencil pointed or flat-tip sharped – brilliant!

The x2 Lip glosses are for the pro kit. The Orange Pareo gloss is a beautiful vivid orange with a tiny touch of shimmer. This was also in the sale so score! The lip maximiser is a great product and I already have the 001 which is a touch pinker, and this is a bit peachier. Really great to plump out and smooth the lips and slightly tingly.

I have read and heard quite a bit of hype about the Diorskin nude BB cream. I am not hugely into them personally, but this will be a great addition to my kit and I opted for the 002 shade as this will work on the majority of my clients (and I also get to try it out too..). I like the pump applicator and will try and get this reviewed properly soon for you.

I am always in need of new mascaras for my kit and I haven’t had a Dior one for SO long – like probably 5 years no joke! I think the last one I had was the Diorshow Backstage mascara and I found the brush on this one a little too big. The brush on the Extase is tiered so I think this will be good at grabbing all lashes and easily coating. I haven’t managed to try this yet, along with the BB cream, but will definitely report back (especially if it’s not great for £23!)

One of the BEST eyeliners in the world, is the Dior waterproof eyeliners. They are so soft, glide on effortlessly and give a big impact of colour. No scratching back and forth windscreen-wiper style with these, no sir. All the shades are great, but in particular I love the ‘Intense Brown’ and use it a lot. It’s a perfect deep matte brown, ideal for a quick smokey eye and the small smudger on the end of the pencil allows for a quick blur and smoke without brushes.

Makeup kit feeling happy: yes.
My wallet feeling light: yes.