Blogger Love Tag. Spreading some positive vibes!

  I saw this on Zoe Newlove’s blog yesterday and I always like reading and partaking in the odd tag, so here it starts. Feel free to copy & paste and spread the love…

What was the first blog you ever came across?

I think it was Zara from Mouldy Fruit, as I knew her personally from before I started blogging. Still read her blog religiously &  she’s a lovely lady.

Favourite beauty blog reads?

Charlotte Tilbury

Lisa Eldridge

The Black Pearl

Ginger Girl Says

Zoe Newlove

All That Slap 

Tales of a Pale Face

Super Gorgeous

Mouldy Fruit

A Little Obsessed

Beauty Mouth

Best blogging friend?

Ahh come on I can’t answer that. I love all my blogger fam. Someone I met at my very first event and has always been a great friend is Grace from All That Slap. She’s always given great advice & help with my blogging woes over the years.

Name a blog that enables your purchases?

Lisa Eldridge, all day, every day.

5 blogs everyone should be reading!

Zoe Newlove

Tales of a Pale Face

Super Gorgeous

All That Slap

Mouldy Fruit

Your favourite way to read blogs?

I will always read blogs when I’m having a ‘blogging day’. Either for inspiration or just as I enjoy reading anything beauty. I usually spot them off my blogroll on Blogger and get tempted in to reading them by the titles or image….I also log into Bloglovin’ once a week to have an hour or two reading. 

Bloggers that inspire you?

It’s very cliche, but Lisa Eldridge. This is because she is also a makeup artist and I can maybe relate and understand and learn so much from her, both for blogging and for my makeup work. 

Favourite blog design/look?

SO many I love. This is more due to blogger envy as this is a huge weakness of my own blog. I’m terrible with computers and really don’t know how to do anything *techy* when it comes to my blog. I am saving up to get it re-designed professionally so hopefully I can look at it soon and be happy with it!

Blogs I love the design of are: Mouldy Fruit, The Black Pearl, Zoe Newlove & Tijan Serena Loves : I think it’s a combination of their great blog designs, easy-to-navigate, and also these guys have all seriously on-point photography skills!

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 

I love indulging myself in anything beauty, and blogging is a selfish way of doing this for me! I blog on my own, with a cup of tea, in my trackies and surrounded by things I love and I find it very enjoyable and satisfying. It’s like most people’s *me* time.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future?

Caroline Hirons from Beauty Mouth. This lady has a lot of knowledge and a lot of things to say!

Spread the blog love and let me know if you get involved @LauraLouMakeup