Happy Christmas and New Year!

I haven’t been posting as much as I would like lately, as I have been at home in Jersey and spending precious time with my family over the Christmas period. I have mountains of reviews to get through and so many makeup looks and news I will be sharing with you soon.

I won’t bore you with a big reflection post, but 2013 was a mixed year – some amazing things happened to me…I got to work with Charlotte Tilbury, went on a dream holiday to Bermuda, shot some amazing stuff with my fav photographer, Darren Black, I got ENGAGED, I attended a  private gig of 30 people where Cara Delevingne did a set on the drums (she’s good!), I moved to Islington, I had my first Yo! sushi, I did some of the best makeup jobs of my life, I learnt, I ate & stayed at Tom Kerridge’s pub, I became addicted to slipper socks, I spent lots of time with my best friends and saw this blog grow from strength to strength.

I learnt how important family & friends are, without them, I don’t think my life would evaluate to much. I have appreciated my dearest friends this year . Work wise I have learnt so much and seen so much. You can never stop learning as a makeup artist and this year I have worked with some of the best. Also, don’t get too sucked into social media and drama. Play nice and be nice 🙂 The rewards may come slower but they will be richer and more deserving. The emptiest vessels make the most noise.

My big focus for 2014 is to surround myself with a positive energy and see and value my friends more. Thank you for all the support in 2013 and here’s to 2014 being full of positivity, hard work and happiness.