Christmas Giving #5 with KIKO

I have heard so much great feedback and
cannot wait to visit the new KIKO store in London. If you read my blog on the
regs then you will know that I have reviewed and featured quite a lot of KIKO
on here. I think it is a really great brand that has been welcomed into the
makeup world with it’s high quality products at not so high prices. When I say
this, it’s not Boots / Superdrug style, it sits nicely a step above this
and a bit below the ‘high –end’ Lancomes, Diors, MAC etc.

I was sent some of their Christmas sets* which are an absolute beaut and I think a really great pricepoint for what you
are getting .  This year, KIKO have opted
for quite a ‘non christmassy’ packaging for their Christmas
sets. It’s all very metallic, glossy and psychedelic-looking.
It was designed as an ode to the future and modern-day technology, thus reflecting
the modern chicas that wear KIKO.

Ultra Glossy Lipstick Set

This is a set of sheer-finish & high sheen lipsticks in some gorgeous shades.  They appear quite bright in the photos, but the swatches will tell a slightly different tale. The light pigment ensures a natural colour pay-off so perfect for those who want to experiment with colour but don’t want to go all-out cray cray.

 I won’t keep on
harping on about the price but these 5 full-size lippes are just £16.90! I
think that is really good, and before I saw the price, I would have put it
around the £25-£30 mark.  The packaging
is kinda fancy too with a silver and pearlescent white finish. These colours
are also all limited edition shades especially for this Christmas box set.

Automatic precision Eyeliner set

This contains 5 shades of super soft and smudgy kohl eyeliner. All the pencils have a smudger thang on the end so good for a quick smokey eye look without faffing with brushes. 

The formulas of this
are super soft, have a good pigment AND they stay on for absolutely ages: fade
& smudgeproof. After taking the photos of these, I travelled to the airport
to go/come home to Jersey, and they were still firmly on  my hand the NEXT morning! Price is £19.90.

Have you tried KIKO yet? Type it into the search bar if you want to see further reviews of their products. Or maybe you have visited the new store in London? This was definitely be a destination for beauty shopping this Christmas and I’m really looking forward to popping in as soon as I am back.