La Roche-Posay | Redermic [R] Pure Retinol

Redermic R is a treatment created by La Roche-Posay for people to effectively treat wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Typical retinol treatments can be too harsh for a lot of skintypes, but this will treat the skin effectively and at the same time, will not cause discomfort or irritation.

About Retinol


Retinol is a name frequently associated with anti-ageing creams and treatments, so I wanted to break it down so you know what it is all about. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A , and it can bind easily with skin cell receptors that triggers more cell growth and removes old skin cells. It is an recognised by all dermatologists and skin experts as one of the most effective treamtents to treat the signs of skin ageing. They don’t tend to agree on many other ingredients, but Retinol seems to be an across-the-board winner! Vitamin A is also a very good treatment for acne skins, so alongside anti-ageing and resurfacing properties, it is very good for treating congested and blemish-prone skins = a wonder treatment!


Redermic R* comes in a metallic 30ml tube with quite a thin applicator nib – to me this straight away tells me to use sparingly! It is a light weightweight cream/gel texture and spreads out on the skin easily so you really don’t need a lot. It can be used all over the face on it’s own (for combination /oily skins) or under your moisturiser (normal-dry skins), or just in targeted areas you are wanting to treat. As it is a retinol treatment, you will need an SPF on the face when you are using it as it will gently re-surface the skin making it more susceptible to sun damage. It contains 0.3% retinol, which sounds like nothing but this is relatively high.


I am personally using this just in the PM (alternating in with my night oil) in my more blemished areas…I am using it as a blemish battler and acne scar/brightening treatment. So far (4 weeks), I can really tell an improvement on my general skintone, I am still getting my little breakouts and I have accepted this will always happen but the texture of my skin has definitely improved and looks more even. It does contain a little bit of hyaluronic acid but if you are even a normal skintype this will not be enough to hydrate the skin. I think most people would use this in conjuction with another cream.

Summary of Redermic R Benefits:
– Fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced
– Dark spots appear faded
– Skin texture appears refined leaving it visibly smoother and more even-toned
– 30% reduction in the appearance of upper lip wrinkles*
– 24% reduction in the appearance of forehead wrinkles*
– 22% reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet eye wrinkles*

*Clinical assessment


If you are a bit apprehensive about retinol this is a good one to try, as it isn’t going to inflame or react on the skin like some of the creams can. It is tested under dermatoligical control, suitable for sensitive skintypes, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens. It is actually a very reasonable price too for something with a good grade and concentration of Retinol and the cheapest I can find it is at Boots here for £18.66.

For further information about this and other La Roche-Posay products than have a look on their website here.