CARGO makeup : HD Picture Perfect Powder

I have used a few bits and bobs from CARGO makeup a few months back and am still lovin’ the gorgeous Tonga blusher.  I was sent a few more products recently and am really excited about the whole HD line.

First things first, Cargo has had a bit of a packing revamp which was much needed I think, the old grey packaging didn’t do this makeup brand any justice! It looks a lot more appealing and interesting now…and a lot more contemporary.

Secondly, I wanted to show you a product that has really stood out to me and that I have been using a lot….the HD picture perfect powder*. This has a ‘high resolution’ technology that diffuses lines, pores and imperfections to give an airbrushed / blurred skin finish. Who doesn’t love that?! It is so lightweight, the texture is literally like air therefore it looks so natural and flawless on the skin, and you can’t feel a thing.

The shade is translucent so this contains no pigment and will work on all skin tones. Also, it must be noted that this is just a setting and de-shining powder, it won’t give you a coverage: I think some people get confused about the different types of powders. This is great for using over your foundation to keep it in place and then throughout the day as needed. I quite like a *bit* of a glow/sheen on my skin so I don’t tend to touch this up on my skin – once in the AM is enough. It has a soft netting to keep the powder in the pot, but it allows small amounts of powder out so you use the perfect amount and don’t end up spilling it all over the place. I have some beautiful, super expensive powders and one in particular is literally un-useable because of the way the lid goes on and the powder is literally spilling out every time it is opened….so annoying! With this one, it’s all locked in and one swish of a brush in the pot is the perfect amount for all over the face.

Available from Debenhams and is priced at £21.