The Body Shop : Divine Calm Oil.

I am a huge fan of oils, especially essential oils. Whether it be for the body, bath, hair, skin, face….whatever, the more aromatic the better. Divine calm Lavender massage oil * contains pure lavender and community trade camomile essential oils that totally calm the senses, and a kick of sweet almond oil , jojoba oil  and sesame oil to soften and nourish the skin. It leaves the skin really soft and nourished.

It’s a high concentration of oils and it has a really strong aromatic smell of pure lavender: love it or hate it, it’s great for easing tensions and is perfect to use on the body before you go to bed, as it will help you sleep. It is a massage oil, but I am using it more as a body oil, not all over, just on pulse points etc before bed so the essential oils go to work. A few drops of this into a body cream is also a good way to use it if you don’t fancy a neat oil all over the body. 

When I have a lot going on with work and personal life I can sometimes struggle to sleep so I will sometimes have a bath with lavender oil in it just before bed, also a few drops on a tissue or on your pillow also works wonders! This is not designed as a bath oil as it doesn’t emulsify (disappear) it sits on top of the water in oil droplets , but the smell still infuses around which I like. I haven’t actually used it as a massage oil yet (he should be so lucky) but this is it’s main purpose so I assume it will be great. There are other massage oils from The Body shop so if lavender is not for you then there will be one that you are more drawn towards. I find with any aromatherapy product, don’t read too much into what it does, have a smell and see which smell attracts you the most : you won’t enjoy using a product if the smell doesn’t appeal to you.

What’s your favourite body oil or massage oil? I haven’t used a body shop one before this and it’s a great quality blend of ingredients for the price [£8]. Alternatively, you can buy the essential oils (concentrate) at The Body shop and then pretty much do what you like with them. I haven’t *burnt* them yet but is this good?!