Mavala summer nails [Chilli & Spice]

Above (L-R) Jaipur, Cuzco, Bali

Above (L-R) Samarkand, Bomaka, Trinidad



I picked these up a few weeks ago and they are soooo pretty, bright and are a perfect cocktail of summery tropical colours; This is the ‘Chilli and Spice’ collection. Mavala is such a classic nail polish brand, I remember seeing these in pharmacies when I was younger, and my mum has always had them in her beauty cabinet.


I love the fact that they are quite small bottles, the product stays fresher and how often do you actually run out of nail polish?! Great for popping a few shades into your suitcase. I don’t usually wear a base or a topcoat with Mavala polishes I find they last pretty well and have a lovely glossy finish anyway. Jaipur, the orange/coral shade is one of my favourites and have been wearing this for nearly a week now. Any Mavala classic shades that I should be checking out?!