Kiko makeup [ Fierce Spirit Summer collection]


I’m slowly buy surely becoming a bit of a Kiko superfan. Pretty much everything I have used from this range has done what it says on the tin and exceeded my expectations. I recently reviewed their daily tan here.

I remember reading other bloggers’ great reviews on the new ‘Fierce Spirit’ summer collection so was intrigued to try it, expecially the cream shadows which were getting a big thumbs up. If you aren’t a regular reader of my blog, I have been raving for a while over cream eye makeup…as the formulas now are SO much better than they were a few years ago.

This summer collection has been inspired by the colours and passions of Mexico…. vibrant colours, raw textures and elegance.


Sun Bronzing Blush – This is a trio of shades – radiant pinks and a bronze to give a perfect flush of colour onto any skin tone. I particulary like the highlight and sheen that it gives the skin, to me this is a 3-in-1 : Blush, bronze and highlight. For those super bronzed girls and guys…if you like a real duuurty tan, then use your bronzer as normal and then user this trio to finish.


Colour shock eye shadow This was the product that really caught my eye in other reviews and it wasn’t a disappointment. They are a very light cream/gel texture, heavily pigmented and are really easy to apply and blend before they dry. Once they are dry, they AREN’T moving anywhere, fully waterproof and smudgeproof. I had mine on for over 12 hours and it had not budges at all.  Really, really good AND the cheapest one I have found of this quality at £6.90. Comes in 8 shades. The one I have on is . You can apply it with a natural or synthetic brush just be warned it will stick in your natural brush so you should clean it after. Colour shock eyeshadows come in 8 shades.

Colours above are 04 Decisive Stone (L) and  02 Sunset Coral


Glow touch lips & cheeks. This is beautiful. A sheeny lip n cheek tint in a cute little tin. This shade is ‘Bitter Margarita’ which is a perfect coral summer shade for pretty much everyone. I love quick multi-purpose products and this is exactly that. I find cream cheek blushers also give the skin a lovely fresh dewiness and glow. On the lips is gives a nice subtle sheen. Not exactly glossy but far from matte. The only niggle I had with this was the tin it comes in…..looks really cute, but I would sometimes have a bit of a struggle getting into it!

They do 6 shades of these lip n cheek colours, and there is a great selection of colours. I really love the look of the ‘Lucky Flamingo’ which is a fuschia pink, so may have to be purchasing this soon.


Sun Pearl nail laquers – How gorgeous are these? Below are shades ‘Amable Chartreuse’ (lime green) and ‘Chilli Pepper Red’ (red). I love the red, as it is shot through with gold shimmer and looks beautiful and vibrant on. Another thing I noticed about these polishes (I haven’t tried Kiko ones before) is that they have a really high-shine, glossy finish.



I also hear an exciting rumour that KIKO will be opening another stand alone shop in London this year. It’s such a breath of fresh air into this beauty industry to get great quality, reasonable prices and products that have consistently delivered to me. Have you tried KIKO yet?