Bumble & Bumble [Surf Range]

I am yet to find a suitable combination of b&b shampoo and conditioners that really work for my fine, damaged hair. I have been a huge fan of their styling products for years though and use a lot of it in my pro hair kit – personal faves are the texture paste (kinda new) , prep spray, thickening spray and the styling cream.

As soon as I set eyes on the new shampoo/conditioner duo, ‘surf’ I had a feeling that we would get along, I liked the look of it, the fresh smell of it and it sounded good for my hair type. It is a formula that is based on their infamous ‘surfspray’.

It’s not a strong *treatment range*, this is more for clarifying and cleansing and doesn’t leave fine hair weighed down or grease-ridden . Bumble describe it as a range ‘for buoyant body and soft, sea breezy texture’ :  this is absolutely perfect for holidays, swimmers, gymers , children, men and women who want fuss-free shampoo and conditioning.

I love the fresh smell of it in the shower and it leaves my hair feeling really nice and clean. As my hair is coloured and damaged, I am alternating the conditioner with a mask once or twice a week to give me a protein boost. I am also taking it to the gym/pool with me (I joined eeeeek) and this is a PERFECT duo for gym bunnies – boys and girls.