Models Own [Splash Range]


This is a new range called ‘Splash’ from Models Own which launched a couple of weeks ago. They are iridescent brights (5 shades) which have chunky hand-cut pieces of glitter in to give a shimmery finish. The colours are just pure summer and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of the shades: ‘Red sea’ (coral red) and ‘Mermaid tears’ (blue/violet).


Now these are iridescent so when worn alone they give a very sheer colour so I think they are best worn over the top a similar-coloured polish. Here I used Rococo’s sunseeker under the ‘Red Sea’ shade and GOSH’s Venus under the ‘Mermaid tears’. You could try them over all kinds of colours but I went for the obvious matchy tones.



As the glitter chunks are quite big and sporadic, you need to do quite a few layers so you have enough glitter to make it really shimmery. I also used a topcoat to then smooth it all out and seal the colour. Great for holidays, festivals and the elusive summer.



£5 each /