NOTD // Ilamasqua & Gosh


I had some awful stick-on nails that I never used for a shoot, so decided to have a play with a nail design. I never have long nails due to my work, it’s just a bit of a pain, so I thought stick-ons woud be quite fun. They were REALLY long and awful square-tipped shape, so I cut and filed them down so they were a little less *hood*. I went for a slightly pointed oval shape, and did this as they were off my hand. I then glued them on, made sure they were stuck on sifficiently and dry and then neatened them up with the nail file. I went for one of my old-time favourite nail shades which is Illamasqua ‘Jo’mima’ and used a bit of GOSH ‘Girls on film’ sparkle on the tips. I had only just taken this off from my last nails but liked it so much, I wanted to use it again. I love the fact that it has lots of different shaped sparkles in it, gives it a really bling finish.


The only pain about any glitter polish is taking it off but HEY swings and roundabouts… stays on really well!