Tropic skincare | Skin Revive Moisturiser.

Tropic is a skincare brand I have only recently been introduced to. It is a pure plant-based handmade BRITISH (yay) skincare range which is formulated without parabens, fragrance and any reactive nasties inside . It is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Currently it is a relatively small range, with one moisturiser, one cleanser, scrub etc, and a few body products.

I received a sample of the skin nourishing face cream to try out which I have been using for a week or so now, on myself and in my makeup kit for clients…. I have used it on various models over the weeks and so many have been asking and writing down what this product is. I love it , because when I work with clients, even celebrities, they are always asking for lists of products used which is a sure sign they love what you are using.

First impressions

I really like the simple, clean packaging , it is easy to understand and tells you what it’s all about. I think the packaging also reflects the natural aspect of the range. The ingredient list is broken down for you in ‘scientific’ and ‘non-scientific’ terms so that is easy to understand for example ‘rosa canina fruit oil’ = organic rosehip. I think from the scientific ingredients list we would only gauge that it is something rose, so nice to have it in the more understandable format.

It is a recyclable plastic bottle with a pump so easy application and hygienic. It feels quite high end and I really love the packaging. It reflects the natural and plant-based philosophy of the brand without being too boring! It reminds me of Liz Earle in a way.

My thoughts….

The nourishing face cream, has a huge blend of different oils, plant actives, antioxidants, 18 vitamins. It is for all skin types and can be used day/night so is a great all round and not too expensive cream £20. On initial application it smells really beautiful (in my opinion) you can smell all the essential oils of sweet orange, rose geranium and frankincense which I really, really love…. Something slightly Emma-hardie’esque about it. It is not overpowering and the natural fragrance disappears relatively soon after it comes in contact with the skin.

The texture for me was surprisingly nice, I thought it would feel a lot more greasy and oily as I had read the ingredients list beforehand, but it feels really luxurious but satin finish and didn’t make my combination skin feel overloaded with product. I also find after I cleanse in the PM,  my skin can feel quite tight and irritated…. This feels really comfortable and soothing onto freshly cleansed skin.  I didn’t have problems with my makeup sliding off during the daytime either which was another ones of my initial worries.


This is one of my concerns too and I aways get a bit nervous around more ‘natural’ skincare for some reason but this contains vitamin e and sea kelp which help firm and repair the skin. Sea Kelp is a bit of a wonder ingredient for the skin….it is mineral-enriched, high in antioxidants and really helps plump and strengthen the skin. I would say perfect for those from late teens to late 30’s (depending what you are already using)… If you are using a £400 anti-ageing cream, then this will probably be less active. 

This is quite a general cream, and I would say pretty much all skin types and ages can use it…. If you are really oily / breakout, perhaps just in the PM to replenish and nourish (hey you still need essential oils) and if you are super dehydrated and dry then just pop a serum or oil underneath it to boost it. Tropic also do a face oil which I am really interested in too, you could probably add a drop of that in with this cream if you want even more hydration.

Active ingredients:
Rosehip & Shea butter – hydrate and soften the skin
Blueberries & echinacea – brighten the complexion
Vitamin E & sea kelp – firm and repair your skin
Aloe Vera juice – anti-inflammatory / soothing


I surprisingly fell in love with this cream., and honestly didn’t think I would think much of it. The price point is great and I also love the fact that it is clean skincare and British. A massive thumbs up and I’m investing in more from this range. It is staying in my personal skincare routine, not my kit as I am selfish and want it for me…. I am going to use it as night cream and /or day depending on how my skin feels in the morning.

To have a look at the full range go to

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