Mineral makeup | Purminerals

Purminerals is an american brand, recently launched in the UK in the M&S beauty boutique stores (and online). Purminerals were the first brand to use a pressed mineral makeup with their new formula, and now a lot of other brands are following their lead. For ages, the only mineral makeup (and still a lot) was all loose powders, which has a wonderful finish etc but is a bit of a pain to carry around and apply on the go…so hooray for pressed mimeral formulas!

It contains no harsh chemical dyes, petroleum based oils, fragrances, fillers, silicones. Great if you are into your more natural products or have sensitive / reactive and/or problematic skin.

Purminerals is great for all skin tones, and just contains pure mineral pigments and nourishing skincare ingredients. So makeup and a bit of anti-ageing thrown in, that seems to be the key about many foundation nowadays, particulary after the BB craze of recent times.

I was lucky enough to be sent a Purminerals pressed foundation compact. This is supposed to be a ‘one minute makeup miracle’ and a 4-in-1. What are the 4 things?…Foundation, concealer, SPF (15) and skincare. Now for a start, I won’t be replacing my skincare with this powder but what they are trying to say is that whilst wearing it, it will also give your skin a few benefits too. 

The packaging is really easy and, like it says on the tin, compact. It also has a small mirror so great for on-the-go makeups and touch-ups. I got a brush seperately for application, which I must say, ISN’T the best quality I have ever used but it does the job and reflects it’s reasonable price. The hairs were shedding a little on first application, which is never a good look on the face…although they seem to be ok now, maybe just a few loose ones initially. I’m still cautious though!

The product itself has a lovely finish, typical of mineral makeup, which is light-reflecting and gives a slight luminous sheen on the skin which is why I really like it. I don’t tend to just wear mineral makeup on it’s own, I use it over the top of foundation to give extra coverage and sheen on the skin…..like a setting powder.

I tried this on it own and the coverage was pretty good, I would say you could get a medium to almost full coverage from this, and also a really natural/light coverage so very versatile and they were right about the one-minute thing…..it takes no time to apply it whatsoever! The colour was a touch too pink for my skintone but they have a great range of shades and other makeup products so everyone can find their perfect shade and makeup combination.

I really want to try out their mineral glow powder, the marble powder and the lava rocks are intriguing!