Glamour makeup // FOTD

So, last week sometime, via Victoria from Vic Beauty, I stumbled across this genius article on the daily mail online. It was a makeup artists to porn stars who showcased her work of 93 porn stars before // after makeup. As you can see, the miracles of makeup are limitless and some of the transformations are amazing (or heartbreaking for a man, whichever way you look at it!).

I have always been fascinated with the transformation side of makeup , Kevyn Aucoin style… and I love what you can do to change a person’s face with the use of contour and colour. The whole porn star makeup thing……I mean this is pretty much glamour makeup…it’s trying to make a woman look as sexual attractive as possible…almond-shaped eyes, big gorgeous lips, fluttery bambi lashes and a sexy flush of colour….nothing about this makeup is natural or is it supposed to be, every feature is full on. Think of all the girls off TOWIE…’s total porn star makeup! The complete opposite of fashion makeup…whereas one feature, maybe too is enhanced to juxtapose the others.

I actually used to revel in glamour makeup, I used to wear it with pride when I used to hit up the west end clubs and I also used to work with a lot of glamour models doing *those* types of men’s mags. It’s actually one of the easiest makeup’s to do, and it’s been YEARS since I’ve gone near this look on my own face, but had a play around after seeing this article online. (Aplogies in some of the photos I have a strange thing hanging out of my nose: I was re-piercing it during the makeup…and no that’s not staying in fear not!)

Get the glamour look:


Skin has to be perfectly covered, under eyes completely concealed and brightened. Contoured to the max, I used NARS cream multiple in Cap Vert with a bronzer blended over the top. Highlight to the max, cheekbones, browbones, cupid’s bow, down the bridge of the nose.

Eyebrows are scouse brow style! I used my normal brunette Laura Mercier pencil but then made them bigger and bolder with a YSL black eyeliner.




It’s important to keep that almond-shape….cat eye smokey look. So keep the darker tones in the contour and sweep outwards to give the appearance of bigger eyes. I used a flick of black liquid liner and then NARS Codura eyeshadow duo. Also bring the smokey shadow you use underneath the eyes on the outer corner to keep the feline look strong.




have to be big. Here, I used two pairs of Shu Uemura Luxe black on top of one another. It’s good to use lashes that kick out as the corner for the glamour look. Eyelure 207’s are good for this too, I used to use those A LOT.




Barbie pink is always a winner, I used a strong pink lipstick and then lots of gloss over the top to enhance the lip size. Blow job lips are essential.



Products used:


These are the main makeup bits I used to achieve this look:



– Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin enhancer (base & concealer)

-NARS Cap vert multiple

– W7 matte bronzer

-MyFace blush ‘Lady Monaco’

– Laura Mercier Brunette brow pencil

– YSL black waterproof eye pencil (brows n’ eyes)

– Benefit High brow (under brow bone, inner corner of eyes, down the nose)

– Hourglass Film Noir mascara (a new favourite)

– Collection fast stroke liquid liner

– NARS Codura eyeshadow duo (on top and under)

– Chantacaille ‘Opal’ eyeshadow (in Z palette) for more pearlescent hihglighting (down the nose, cheekbones, cupids bow)

– Shu Uemura Luxe black lashes x 2 pairs

– By Terry Lipstick in ‘Cupid Peony’

– Benefit lipgloss ‘Kiss me’

This, as I said, is one of the easiest looks to achieve, in my opinion…..pile it on, everywhere, and obviously blend it and sofen it where needed. I’ve just looked back over the photos above…. if only I had bothered doing my hair!! It would be uber porn star..damn.