Foot Facial Pedicure.

Firstly I want to say I took some amazing pre-foot facial shots of my feet, which were DISGUSTING – nail polish half on, half off, I don’t think I have done my toe polish for about 2 months at least (seriously) and my toenails were a horror: too long, unshaped and all different lengths. As I was just starting this post, I looked through my iphone to retrieve said gruesome photos and I’ve accidently deleted them 🙁 I’m so upset as it would have been showpiece to show you the true before/after of my foot facial treatment. Anyway, I found this shot below, which sums up how they looked…

Basically, the foot facial is a glorified pedicure and my feet were in desperate need of some love so I spent an entire evening pampering them and making them feel good again. I literally used the same kind of products I would during a facial, but on my feet.

I picked this holder thing up from the ‘Feel Unique’ shop in Jersey a few years ago: I haven’t seen or heard of this brand since….Mister Mascara?! It’s really good for storing bits and bobs in it as it has different sized pots, I bought it for my pro kit but it now hold my pedi/mani things

Products I used for the foot facial:

1) Small towel

2) Eve Lom moisture mask

3)Foot pumice

4)Nail polish remover

5) Metique tea tree body wash

6)Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

7) Elemis exotic frangipani monoi

8) Nip + Fab Stiletto fix

9) Nail buffer (boots)

10) Sally Hansen cuticle cream

11) Essie nail polish

12) Chanel nail base

13) Argan oil ‘Tree de Vie’ (recent review here)

14) Nail cutters

15) Cotton pads and buds for polish

16) Rococo nail file

Foot Facial: Step-by-Step

Now this can be made as elaborate or as basic as you want, I really went into detail, hence why so many steps, but you can tailor this to your needs and time. The grim’er the feet, the more steps there are.

1)  Remove all nail varnish & Clip down those nails. Shape with a nail file so they are even.

2) Fill a large foot bowl with warm water and something bubbly and soapy to wash – I used my Metique face & body wash as it is tea-tree based and anti-bacterial, perfect for my fungal-ridden feet.

3) Soak your feet for around 10-15mins so the skin softens.

4) Use a foot file or pumice to remove any dead skin off the soles of the feet.

5) Apply a scrub/ exfoliator and massage over feet – I used Kate Somerville Exfolikate which is a bit indulgent but it’s really hardcore so perfect for the tough skin on my feet. I left this on for around 5 minutes so the acids could get to work too. Rinse & Dry feet.

6) Apply a hydrating mask onto dry feet, I used Eve Lom moisture mask as I had a couple of sample sachets but whetever you have to hand. Leave on for 10-20mins.

7) Rinse & Dry your feet.

8) Here I used Sally Hensen cuticle cream to soften the skin, then pushes back/removed after 5mins or so

9) I then used Argan oil onto the cuticle area and over the nail to give a boost of hydration.

10) Massage oil the same oil all over the feet OR I used Elemis exotic frangipani monoi oil. This is to really look in the moisture and act like a serum to really penetrate. (obvs you can use the same oil as the step above, I’m just fancying it up)

11) Follow with a rich moisturiser all over the feet, I used Nip + Fab Stiletto fix

12) Quickly put some cotton socks on to lock in all the moisture and leave for at least 30mins. I slept in them over night so do this is you have the time to finish the nails the next day.

13) Buff the nails with a buffer to smooth out the nailbeds (I have a cheapish one from boots)

14) Apply nail base of choice – I used the Chanel one which I love.

15) Apply Nail polish of choice – I used an Essie one but the name has come off the bottom, so have no idea what it is.

With Spring threatening to come anytime soon, it’s almost time to get the feeties out.. Indluge in an at-home treatment like this to get them ready for show.

Also, can anyone name which Essie nail polish this could be??