25 things you may not know about me….

1. I was born in Jersey, therefore I am a ‘Jersey Bean’.

2. I never watched an episode of friends until the series had finished.

3. I am a Bachelor of science.

4. I had never tasted tinned tuna until I was 20 and at university.

5. I went to school with the new Superman, Henry Cavill.

6. I love the smell of orange blossom and neroli.

7. I have around 15 piercings.

8. My worst habit is biting the skin around my nails.

9. I am scared of babies & children.

10. I once sprayed mace in my own face !

11. All my best friends are from my schooldays.

12. I own over 20 pairs of trainers.

13. I have a tropical fish tank.

14. I love wham bars.

15. I went to an all-girls boarding school.

16. I have never been to Scotland or Ireland.

17. My favourite thing to watch is wildlife programmes.

18. If I had a specialist subject on mastermind is would be 90’s gangster rap.

19. I’ve never seen ‘The sound of music’ or ‘Bambi’.

20. My favourite stand up sketch is Eddie Murphy ‘Raw’.

21. I’m am the most inflexible person I know, I can’t touch my toes.

22. I get queasy watching embarrassing bodies

23. I am obsessed with horror movies.

24. I’ve positively identified a terrible offender who is now behind bars for a very long time.

25. I will never wear fur.