MAC Viva Glam | Nicki Minaj

Above: With flash (L) and natural light (R)

I got this lipstick wayyyy back when, with intention to do a giveaway with it…then forgot about it….then found it amongst my hoards of makeup and started using it on myself just before Christmas. I am loving it! Sorry guys, no giveaway with this.

I have used MAC lipsticks for over 10 years now, maybe more,  and I have a load in my Japonesque palettes too for my professional makeup kit, but don’t think I have ever done a review of them. My favourite colours personally are Ruby Woo, Morange, Cyber and the pro long wear cream lip colour in ‘good to go’.
Viva glam nicki is a really hot barbie pink, that’s the best way to describe it, you can imagine it straight on Nicki Minaj’ s crazy ass face as she is blowing on some bubble gum. This is a satin formula lipstick which seems a popular choice for MAC lovers and it does last really, REALLY well on my lips. Very impressed by the wear.

HOWEVER, you need to make sure your lips are buffed and hydrated before you go near them with this. If not, it will look quite patchy and just does not look great. Never had this problem with other shades from MAC, and actually have read this about this particular colour on other blogs. When I removed the lip colour in the pm…. If my lips has been a bit dry….I could see pink stains where the dry areas were. It doesn’t particulary bother me as it stayed on and looks great and these are my two main concerns. Never had this with the colour staining after removal before!

So, sorry as I like this color so no giveaway for you guys…..BUT keep your eyes peeled as my next post IS a fabulous MAC (and more beauty products) giveaway.