Filorga Skincare & Hyaluronic Acid.

I was invited to the soho hotel last week to have a preview and swot up on the new french skincare range, FILORGA. This is a skincare range that has been created by the Labs in France who supply aesthetic medicine to doctors and other companies performing facial peels, fillers, medical grade anti-ageing treatments and specialist facials…. bacially stronger treatments than what you can get in a standard spa. With their huge knowledge in medical grade skincare, it only seems right that the FILORGA labs have created a line of products that we can enjoy at home… Plus I can’t afford fillers at the moment. #spendingban . There was a big focus on Hyaluronic Acid as this is the key ingredient throughout the range, and it’s quite an *in vogue* skincare ingredient at the moment.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

It sounds scary, but really isn’t… Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring ingredient in the body’s tissues and cells. It holds around 1000 times it’s own weight in water so is super effective for keeping the skin hydrated and plumping the skin. Unlike a lot of ingredients in skincare nowadays (silicone, synthetic fillers, PEGS etc), Hyaluronic acid is easily accepted and absorbed by the body, as it is already IN our body.

Filorga use Hyaluronic widely throughtout the range in their serums and moistursiers, and although it looks like it may be for older skins, they have a great range from basic hydrating creams to your powerful anti-wrinkle treatments so something for most people I think. They demonstrated a fabulous exfoliating mask which I am really keen to try and I also have to mention their BB creams…. which I am so blaaaaaaah about but this feels beautiful and really nourishing..gorgeous dewy finish and feels like it has substance to it rather than these awful non-exhistence BB things I have been exposed to.

Sleep Recover

One of the newest products coming out (soon) and sounds absolutely amazing is called ‘Sleep Recover’ which is a night time recovery balm.  A ‘shock therapy’ for tiredness, as they call it. This has been created to combat all the signs of tired looking skin (when you haven’t had enough sleep…hence sleep balm) which include dark circles under the eyes, drawn features and dull skin.

In this day and age, especially I find in London with the hectic, congested living., I hear so many people complaining how they always look tired, me including… So this seems like a really interesting concept and product. The texture of this product is really silky and rich but absorbs into the skin really well. I am combination but it doesnt leave my skin feeling greasy, just really comfortable. I will do a full review next month as only have used it a handful of times, so really can’t give in-depth feedback except it feels nice on my skin and  I love the smell.

Above: The new ‘Sleep Recovery’ night balm.

FILORGA is exclusively available in M&S beauty halls. A quick note about the beauty halls, which I somehow only discovered just before Xmas…how!? These are more exclusive, boutiquey type brands that are only available in selected stores, 50 last year were over the country but I hear this year they are expanding pretty much everywhere…. So next time you are in yor loal M&S have a sniff about and see if they are holding some of the boutique ranges.