Beauty Bargains // Xmas sale shopping.

So, as I was spending time at home in Jersey this christmas, I took advantage of the VAT shopping PLUS the boxing day sales on top of that. Actually, boxing day sales don’t exhist in Jersey because of different trading laws (yawn) so , actually I went the-day-after-boxing day sale shopping. I had received a beautiful wallet from my mum for chrsitmas, but wanted to change the colour, so I went into one of the two only department stores in Jersey to do so…then I spotted a wallet of a different colour and style I preferred which actually ended up cheaper so I got a gift card on top of the wallet for around £50. Yay. Off to the beauty department I go.

I picked up these bits, mainly xmas sets, that had been reduced in the sale. The great thing about these is that even at full price, you are usually ‘saving’ so once in the sale = bargain! I got 2 full sizes of the Lancome eye makeup remover for £24.05 (One of these in the UK costs £21).

A Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara with bonus mini mascara… now this wasn’t in the sale but still a good deal I think, and slightly reduced with the VAT off so both these together cost £14.85 (UK Price for just the one stamdard size is £18.50)

As I was paying, I also spotted ANOTHER Benefit bargain, a Bad Gal Mascara plus the Bad girl waterproof eyeliner for £12 in a duo set. Both full-sized and individually these usually cost £16.50 for the mascara & £14 for the eyeliner = Super bargain!

All in all, I saved around £40 on these three sets.

Now , the other item I bought wasn’t a sale item or a particular bargain, but I forgot my shampoo and stuff when I came over here and have always wanted to try Ojon after reading great reviews on other blogs. So I got this little travel set, which has a small shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo which cost £17.50. I think in the UK this costs £20 so a little saver. PS I got the one for volume, have used it once and WOW, full review coming soon.

I actually despise sale shopping and will avoid busy shopping areas like the plague when they have the sales on, I won’t be going near Oxford Street until February but Jersey is very relaxed and doesn’t have that panic-sale shopper vibe you seem to get in London. I really don’t get these 2am q-ers outside the shops in the cold weather, why don’t they just do it online and save the hassle?! When did people get so CraYazy.